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Savant Brings Back Dedicated Smart Home Touchscreens

By Jason Knott · June 8, 2017 • Savant Wally is new line of dedicated smart home control touchscreens in three different sizes with presence sensor technology.

Custom Control for Every Wall

By Advertorial · July 21, 2016 • RTI provides simplicity and convenience with expansive lineup of in-wall touchpanel and keypad control options.

HomeSeer Makes a Tabletop Smart Home Touchscreen for Android Users

By Rachel Cericola · March 7, 2014 • The new WFTT07 boots automatically to the company's HSTouch app.

Crestron Touchscreen in Control at Home & at Work

By Robert Archer · February 7, 2013 • The new TSW-1050 touchscreen from Crestron is the latest addition to the company's line of Core 3 UI products, and the N.J.-based manufacturer says that electronics professionals can use the interface for commercial and residential installations.

Crestron TSW touchscreens

By Robert Archer · September 18, 2012 • Crestron's latest touchscreens are powered by Core 3 UI processors and they are available in a choice of 5 inch, 7 inch and 10-inch models.

Elan Home Systems TS10 Touchscreen

By Robert Archer · October 12, 2011 • Elan's latest control interface combines a "touch-and-swipe" design with a large active matrix screen to enable homeowners to watch analog video content, as well as aid in the ability to display big icons for older users to see.

URC’s Secret New iPad-Looking Touchscreen for Home Control

By Julie Jacobson · September 20, 2011 • Dedicated home automation touchscreens are not dead. URC demos a beauty at CEDIA 2011.

The Big To-do Over $999 Portable Touchscreen from Control4

By Julie Jacobson · September 20, 2011 • Add two-way video-communications to a dedicated home-automation touchscreen: Now is the Control4 7-inch panel better than an iPad?

Why Control4 Developed New $999 Handheld Touchscreen

By Julie Jacobson · September 7, 2011 • Home automation firm still 'supports and loves' iPad, but founder Will West says consumers still want dedicated devices for controlling audio, video, lighting, security, thermostats, more.

Bluetooth Handset Brings More Sleek to AMX Modero X Panel

By Julie Jacobson · August 30, 2011 • Crazy cool multitasking widescreen touchpanel now has a companion handset; video shows more details about the most exciting touchscreen to hit the market in years.

AMX Modero X Touchscreens: Superwide, Multitasking Machines

By Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2011 • Debuting at Infocomm 2011, Ultra-wide touchpanels are ideal for digital signage, videoconferencing, tweaky homeowners.

10 Best (Worst) Tablet Names Ever

By Jason Knott · January 4, 2011 • By the time CES is over, there will be 100 tablets on the market, some with funky names. How about we invent a cool name?

Philips to Demo In-Wall Touchscreen, ProntoEdit Pro 3 (Update)

By Julie Jacobson · September 14, 2010 • At CEDIA, Philips will unveil first IP-enabled in-wall touchscreen, the Pronto TSW9500, plus new PEP3 programming software with master project view.

Guifx Releases Victoria UI Kit for Mobile G iPad App

By Julie Jacobson · July 30, 2010 • Elegant touchscreen design from Guifx is now available for Crestron touchscreens, including Crestron Mobile G; support for AMX and other vendors coming soon.

Colorado vNet Goes International

By Julie Jacobson · April 5, 2010 • vNet Builder 4.6 supports multiple languages, international tuner frequency selection, and 220v and 240v installations

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