Strutting Their Stuff at CEDIA: TiVo Mega, GoRave Wireless Audio Streaming and More

By CE Pro Editors · September 11, 2014 • TiVo, Steinway Lyngdorf, GoRave, Rachio among companies previewing products at CEDIA Expo 2014.

TiVo Mega DVR Boasts Mind-Blowing 24TB of Storage

By Jason Knott · September 10, 2014 • With 24 terabytes of storage, the $5,000 rack-mountable TiVo Mega DVR has 8 times the capacity of Roamio Pro. The Mega will hold 26,000 hours of SD video and 4,000 hours of HD content; that's the equivalent of three years worth of normal TV viewing.

TiVo Annual Report Cites ‘Significant Opportunites’ in Custom Channel

By Julie Jacobson · March 5, 2014 • TiVo calls out Control4 as first integration partner and points to 'professional install channel' as a significant opportunity for Roamio DVR.

TiVo at CES 2014: Control4 Integration, World Record, New Features

By Julie Jacobson · January 9, 2014 • TiVo announced at CES 2014 two-way integration with Control4 home automation and showcased new Roamio features.

TiVo Roamio DVRs Stream to iPad, Store 450 Hours of HD Content

By Rachel Cericola · August 20, 2013 • TiVo has released a trio of Roamio DVRs that are designed to be an all-in-one Roku, Apple TV, Slingbox, Google TV, storing up to 450 hours of HD content and streaming to iPads and iPhones.

1998 Flashback: CE Pro Reports on TiVo, ReplayTV

By Julie Jacobson · May 14, 2013 • "Like ReplayTV, the TiVo digitizes and stores television signals, allowing users to rewind, instant-replay, and play back in slow-mo any 'live' television broadcast."

TiVo Mini Being Offered by Suddenlink in ‘Any-Room DVR’ Deal

By Rachel Cericola · February 8, 2013 • Cable TV provider Suddenlink is offering the new TiVo Mini to customers as part of an "Any-Room DVR" package. The TiVo Mini won't be available via retail for a few months.

Oh, TiVo How I’ve Missed You!

By Julie Jacobson · December 28, 2012 • I forgot TiVo had Hulu Plus, and so much other juicy goodness until AVAD reintroduced me to arguably the best DVR on the planet.

Editor’s Picks: Best Tech Products of 2012

By Robert Archer · December 7, 2012 • Bob Archer's top products of 2012 show how the market's emphasis on audio has taken priority.

Verizon to Pay TiVo $250M in Patent Settlement

By Jason Knott · September 25, 2012 • TiVo to receive $100M immediate cash payment and ongoing licensing fees as part of patent settlement with Verizon.

TiVo Premiere 4 DVR

By Robert Archer · August 17, 2012 • The Alviso, Calif.-based technology company TiVo, Inc. has added to its line of Premiere family of DVR products through the launch of the Premiere 4.

TiVo Lowers DVR Fees, Increases Storage

By Grant Clauser · March 26, 2012 • TiVo has lowered the costs of its DVRs and the monthly fees. The TiVo Premiere will now feature a 500GB hard drive, capable of recording 75 hours of HD content.

TiVo’s New Extender: What’s Not to Love?

By Julie Jacobson · February 29, 2012 • New IP-enabled set-top box from TiVo will enable users to stream content from one TiVo DVR to multiple locations -- like TiVo Preview but you won't have to pay cable company for every connected TV.

TiVo Identifies Most-Watched Electronics TV Ads

By Jason Knott · January 13, 2012 • TiVo's third annual "Battle of the Consumer Electronics Brands at CES" finds Walmart beat Best Buy for the most-watched TV commercials among CE retailers.

TiVo Receives $215M from AT&T Patent Lawsuit

By Jason Knott · January 4, 2012 • TiVo enters into a mutual patent licensing agreement with AT&T that will net it $215 million in exchange for dropping pending litigation for patent infringement.

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