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Legrand to Use Nest Weave Communication Protocol in ELIoT Connected Products

By CE Pro Editors · October 15, 2015 • Thread and Nest Weave to be foundation of new ELioT IoT platform from Legrand.

Yale’s Super-Smart Doorbell Cam: ‘Look’ Viewer with Video, Intercom, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi

By Julie Jacobson · October 7, 2015 • CEDIA Expo 2015: Yale to launch Look Digital Door Viewer, replacing standard peephole with IoT camera, video display, two-way audio, Wi-Fi and home automation via Z-Wave and ZigBee.

Nest Exposes ‘Weave’ Home Automation Protocol, Opens Camera API, Plans World Domination

By Julie Jacobson · October 2, 2015 • For the first time, Nest is sharing its proprietary RF home automation protocol Weave for local integration without the cloud; also opening API for Nest Cam, but with many limitations. Where do Thread and Google fit in?

Thread IoT Spec is Done; Qualcomm Joins Board; An AllSeen Alliance?

By Julie Jacobson · July 14, 2015 • Thread Group releases networking spec for Internet of Things (IoT); Qualcomm joins board, possibly signaling alliance between Thread and AllSeen for home automation interoperability.

Approaches to Home Automation Protocols and Implications for the Custom Install Channel

By Dean Roddey · June 19, 2015 • Charmed Quark principal Dean Roddey presents the elements of a home automation protocol, the opportunities and pitfalls for any given approach, and the implications for the professional integration channel.

Nest’s Big Announcement: Audio? Voice Control? Doorbell Cam?

By Julie Jacobson · June 5, 2015 • Nest has a press conference June 17, and industry analyst Michael Wolf speculates about potential announcements, including a doorbell camera and voice control a la Amazon Echo.

ZigBee Teams with Thread Group on IPv6 Home Automation Protocol

By Julie Jacobson · April 2, 2015 • ‘ZigBee over Thread’ gives Thread Group its first shot at making IPv6-based home automation a reality. Will Z-Wave follow?

Z-Wave Chairman on SmartThings, HomeKit, Thread, 6LoWPAN, ISE 2015

By Julie Jacobson · February 5, 2015 • Z-Wave Alliance Chief Mark Walters chats about SmartThings joining Z-Wave Alliance Board, and how Z-Wave stacks up to other home automation initiatives like Apple HomeKit, Thread, AllSeen and OIC.

When is a ‘Standard’ Really a ‘Standard’?

By Julie Jacobson · December 17, 2014 • All the recent talk about Thread Group, Z-Wave, ZigBee, HDBaseT and other smart-home protocols has Derek Flickinger dying to set us straight on the subject of “standards.”

Three Nagging Questions about Thread Group, the Wannabe Home Automation Standard

By Julie Jacobson · December 17, 2014 • Following our discussion about Thread Group's 40+ new members, Julie Jacobson responds to questions from manufacturers who wonder if they should hop on this Nest-inspired Internet of Things bandwagon.

Thread Group Reaches 50 Members, But Few Home Automation Movers & Shakers

By Julie Jacobson · December 16, 2014 • Led by Nest, Thread Group adds 43 members, mostly start-ups and chip makers, also a handful of established home automation players. Insteon, Jasco and Tyco could move the needle.

Nest On Tour: Thread, Works With Nest & the Installer Channel

By Jason Knott · October 30, 2014 • Google hits the road with its Nest Pro roadshow discussing its Works With Nest and Thread initiatives. Sixty percent of attendees sign up to be certified installers, which now number 25,000 nationwide.

Z-Wave Fires More Salvos at Nest-Led Thread IoT Initiative

By Julie Jacobson · July 29, 2014 • Z-Wave Alliance chairman Mark Walters reiterates Thread-enabled home automation initiative lacks important app-layer compatibility, adds unnecessary security burden, won't garner interoperable IoT products anytime soon.

ZigBee, Z-Wave Respond: Thread for Home Automation ‘Cheerfully Oblivious’

By Julie Jacobson · July 18, 2014 • Z-Wave Alliance says Thread is "cheerfully oblivious" to existing smart home technologies ... and other responses to the new connected-home initiative led by Nest.

Big Ass Fans Gets into Smart Home Biz; Teams with Nest on ‘Thread’

By Julie Jacobson · July 15, 2014 • One of the hippest names in cooling, Big Ass Fans launches ‘Smart Ass’ line; joins Nest and others to launch Thread Group, a new initiative in home automation.

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