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8 Hot Smart-Home Trends Beyond Big TVs and Sound Systems

By Lisa Montgomery · November 28, 2018 • Beyond MicroLED TVs and stunning sound systems, CEDIA Expo 2018 showcased other smart-home trends including robotic patio umbrellas, multipurpose IoT sensors, and smart leak detection systems.

Keep the Power, Lose the Electrician: New UL-Friendly Solution Delivers Power over Speaker Wire

By Julie Jacobson · September 19, 2016 • From 110v and back again: Joe Whitaker’s latest invention lets integrators put wireless speakers or TVs in the wall without calling an electrician – all within UL and CE guidelines. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

5 ‘Custom’ Options for Sonos at CEDIA 2015

By Julie Jacobson · October 9, 2015 • Sonos dealers can turn the ultimate DIY wireless audio system into a customized solution, thanks to new mounts, housings and skins from CEDIA Expo 2015 exhibitors Thenos, Leon Speakers, Next Level Acoustics, Flexson and Vanco.