#TBT: 7 Theaters of the Rich & Famous

By Rachel Cericola · November 6, 2014 • Celebrity clients may be hard to deal with, but they sure like to spend money. Peer inside the theater rooms of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Obama and more in this edition of Throwback Thursday 2010.

#TBT: Scariest Install: Halloween Park’s Haunted House and Graveyard

By Tom LeBlanc · October 30, 2014 • For this week's Throwback Thursday, go back to 2008 and take a look at a haunted house that used HAI control system and motion sensors to automate scary functions.

#TBT: 6 Products to Watch for in October 2009

By Robert Archer · October 23, 2014 • In this edition of Throwback Thursday, go back to October of 2009 to look at six products that were hitting the market.

#TBT: 12 Most Ridiculous iPod Docks

By CE Pro Editors · October 16, 2014 • In this edition of Throwback Thursday, go back to 2008 and take a look at these outrageous iPod docks.

#TBT: 10 Really Expensive A/V Products

By CE Pro Editors · October 9, 2014 • For Throwback Thursday, CE Pro goes back to 2008. It's not unusual for some of your clients to have unlimited bank accounts. And we know you don't think having deep pockets is a bad thing. If your next client happens to be a Wall Street CEO who just received a nice bonus, the following products might be perfect for them.

#TBT: 36 Must-See Products at CEDIA Expo 2011

By CE Pro Editors · September 4, 2014 • In this edition of Throwback Thursday, take a look back at three dozen cool products that debuted at CEDIA Expo 2011 in Indianapolis.

#TBT: Top Products of CEDIA Expo 2010

By CE Pro Editors · August 21, 2014 • In this edition of Throwback Thursday, look back at a roundup of 20 top products from CEDIA Expo 2010 in Atlanta.

#TBT: 57 Years Later, Volutone Signs with Sony Again

By CE Pro Editors · August 14, 2014 • Sony is back in the custom distribution channel, and Volutone signs up again, continuing a partnership that started in 1957.

#TBT: 9 Wiring Disasters

By CE Pro Editors · July 31, 2014 • In this edition of Throwback Thursday, look back at some terrible wiring jobs from an electrician, cable guy and DIYer.

#TBT: Sometimes Ya Gotta Trash Old Industry T-Shirts

By Julie Jacobson · July 17, 2014 • Some of these industry T-Shirts have traveled with me to eight homes in three states. It's time to let go.

#TBT: A Brief History of Microsoft’s Failed Attempts at Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · May 15, 2014 • Today, Microsoft announced its latest home automation initiative -- an alliance with Insteon technology. Here's what Microsoft and tried, and failed at, in the past.

#TBT 2003: Home Networking is Not Plug and Play

By Julie Jacobson · May 1, 2014 • Today, we try to convince homeowners that it's difficult to create a robust home network. We said the same thing 11 years ago.

#TBT: Look Back at Totem Unveiling No-Crossover Element Speakers

By Jason Knott · April 24, 2014 • Back in 2010 Stereo Exchange hosted a sneak preview of Totem’s new loudspeaker line, which was unveiled at CES 2011.

#TBT: CE Pro’s Original Top 10: George Feldstein, Crestron

By Julie Jacobson · March 27, 2014 • Ten years ago we published a list of the 10 most influential leaders in the custom installation industry. Today's spotlight, as he retires as CEO of Crestron: George Feldstein

#TBT 2001: High-End Control Systems to Debut at CEDIA Expo

By Julie Jacobson · February 13, 2014 • For throwback Thursday, we take you back to 2001, when Premise Systems starts shipping the first real IP-based home automation system, long-forgotten Touchbridge debuts, and SpeakerCraft launches E-Group home control division.

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