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CE Pro's 2018 State of the Industry Report

By CE Pro Editors · January 31, 2018 • NEW RESEARCH: CE Pro's 2018 State of the Industry Report shows that smart-home integrators increased revenues 11.4% in 2017 and predicts even higher gains in 2018.

CE Pro 2016 State of the Industry: Research on Home Technology Integrators

By Jason Knott · January 19, 2016 • CE Pro research on the home technology channel shows integrators posted solid 9.1% revenue growth, with a strong increase in the number of projects and revenue per job.

CE Pro 2015 State of the Industry Report

By Jason Knott · January 15, 2015 • Average custom integration company experiences a whopping 27% median revenue jump in 2014 with bullish outlook for 2015.

Why 2013 Looks Promising

By Jason Knott · January 16, 2013 • The amount of GDP spent on ‘residential investment,’ which means everything from new housing to remodeling, was up 15 percent from 2011.

7 Ways to Boost Income

By William J. Lynott · January 16, 2013 • Use these tips to simplify your life, organize your accounting and boost your income in 2013 and beyond.

State of Industry Report 2013

By Jason Knott · January 16, 2013 • Integrators report 5% increase in revenues and predict 13% growth for 2013. Housing market activity jumps dramatically.

The Cloud: Why 2012 Will Be a Breakout Year

By Julie Jacobson · January 4, 2012 • A look at why more CE pros are turning to the cloud to manage security, phone systems, thermostats and other technologies.

Is 2012 the Year for Voice Control?

By Julie Jacobson · January 3, 2012 • There’s nothing funny about voice control technology anymore. So stop referencing 2001: A Space Odyssey and start implementing it.

Real Evidence of Channel Breakdown

By Jason Knott · January 3, 2012 • It’s easy to target online retailers as a villain. It’s also more evident than ever that many of you stock your shelves through them.

State of the Industry 2012

By Jason Knott · January 3, 2012 • Revenues were down slightly in 2011, but CE pros are optimistic for 2012. More are dabbling in commercial and re-approaching existing customers with new services.

One-Wire Technology is the Next Great Retrofit Opportunity

By Julie Jacobson · January 11, 2011 • New technologies bring life to old Cat 5 and coax cables, creating exceptional opportunities for retrofit.

How to Profit from Streaming Media

By Julie Jacobson · January 10, 2011 • Many CE pros dismiss streaming media because they see no revenue opportunities. Here's how to make money on enterprise-grade networks required for streaming media.

Why Home Health Technology Will Explode in 2011

By Julie Jacobson · January 7, 2011 • In 2011, we reach critical points in terms of the aging population, financially burdened healthcare system, and emergence of exciting technologies for seniors.

How to Earn Recurring Revenue with Security, Remote Management

By Julie Jacobson · January 5, 2011 • 2011 will be the year integrators can finally make recurring revenue by enabling consumers to remotely monitor and control their lights, security, thermostats and other home systems.

Why Home Videoconferencing is the Next Big Thing

By Julie Jacobson · January 4, 2011 • A boardroom necessity becomes a fun experience for the living room.

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