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StJohn Group

John Caldwell Takes over StJohn A/V Lines

By Robert Archer · November 14, 2011 • Just as StJohn founder Kevin Leja announced he was dropping Artcoustic, Cabasse, Cineversum and Image Screens, former partner John Caldwell opened Grace Motif to distribute the lines.

StJohn Group Drops Distribution Business

By Jason Knott · November 11, 2011 • StJohn Group drops distribution of Artcoustic, Cabasse, Cineversum and IMAGE Screens and will go back to being a marketing consulting firm.

Cineversum Blackwing MK2011 Series digital video projectors

By Robert Archer · April 6, 2011 • The company's newly refreshed line of projection products adds HDMI 1.4, active 3D and a dedicated viewing mode for dedicated theater rooms.

StJohn Group Names New Manufacturer Reps

By Robert Archer · March 22, 2011 • Following termination of 16 of its reps last fall, the Bellingham, Wash.-based importer/distributor reboots its salesforce for Image Screens, Artcoustic, Cabasse and Cineversum.

IMAGE Screens Cadre Manual Masque Projection Screen

By Robert Archer · March 4, 2011 • The company's new screen products offer home theater enthusiasts with a more cost-friendly solution to address their multi-aspect content watching needs.

StJohn Group Terminates 16 Rep Firms

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2010 • StJohn Group terminates 16 of 18 authorized rep firms, calling the move a "wake-up call" to ignite some innovative thinking to find new ways to grow sales.