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How Integrators Can Improve Sales Via Account-Based Marketing

By Coleen Sterns Leith · August 9, 2019 • Twitter is a great way to engage with your audience directly, so don't be afraid to use social media as a marketing platform. Often, using social media leads to interactions that feel natural and less like a direct ad.

PowerHouse Alliance’s Commitment to Training Programs Helps Win Quest for Quality Award

By CE Pro Editors · April 22, 2019 • Thanks in part to its dedication to providing dealer training programs and technical support, PowerHouse Alliance won four Quest for Quality Awards this year.

Skywalker AV Revamps Website and Social Media Presence to Win Quest for Quality Award

By CE Pro Editors · April 17, 2019 • Thanks in part to updating an already award-winning website with new features and focusing more on social media, Skywalker AV won four Quest for Quality Awards this year.

AV Job Finder Facebook Group Makes Posting & Finding Jobs Easier Than Ever

By Adam Forziati · November 16, 2018 • The AV Job Finder FB group looks to become a place where companies hiring freelance A/V technicians can post jobs in a less formal atmosphere.

Best 238-Word Linkedin Post by Integrator: Plan for Failure

By Julie Jacobson · October 12, 2018 • In an awesome Linkedin post, integrator Kyle Griffith of KG Theaters explains how his company plans for smart-home failures -- like urging customers to purchase spare parts before they're discontinued.

Tym: Former Vivint Sales Reps go ‘Digital Door to Door’ with Smart Home Services

By Julie Jacobson · July 9, 2018 • For Utah-based Tym Smart Homes & Home Theaters, social media engagement is the digital equivalent of door-to-door sales, according to the former Vivint sales reps.

How a ‘Custom’ Integrator Hangs a TV

By Julie Jacobson · March 23, 2018 • Client wanted to replace an old rear-projection TV with a 65-inch OLED. Here’s how a home-technology professional does it. Take THAT, hang-and-bangers!

Installer Tip: How to Square Up an A/V Rack to Perfection [video]

By Julie Jacobson · March 8, 2018 • Michael Restrepo's short video explaining how to square up the face of an equipment rack demonstrates the great pride he takes in his integration work.

This Integrator Made Some of the Best CES 2018 Videos … But Why?!

By Julie Jacobson · January 19, 2018 • Creating and sharing some pretty awesome videos from CES 2018 helps TYM Smart Homes demonstrate thought leadership in audio/video and IoT, and expand its market beyond the Salt Lake City area.

How to Sell More Custom Electronics to Single Woman Homeowners

By Chuck Schneider · May 24, 2017 • All the single ladies — are buying homes. Here's how to attract female clients by bringing more women onto your staff and adjusting your marketing plan every so slightly.

8 Social Media ‘Quick Tips’ for Businesses

By Kimberly Lancaster · May 2, 2017 • There are many ways a business can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites to its advantage, but first you must understand your online audience.

Engaging With Clients on Social Media: The Why & How

By Kimberly Lancaster · February 3, 2017 • Start with the two biggest social media platforms useful for installers – Facebook and LinkedIn.

Want to Build a Strong Social Media Presence? Follow These 10 Steps

By Coleen Sterns · June 27, 2016 • Integrators have now become the primary product advisor on fewer than 40 percent of projects. What can you do about that? Let's take a closer look at social media for its low overhead, minimal time investment and powerful reach.

Control4 Educates Integrators on Social Media Savvy

By Arlen Schweiger · May 10, 2012 • Control4 Social Media Training webinars focus on how dealers can capitalize on being skillful at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more social media outlets.

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

By Walter Van Norden · January 31, 2012 • What can CE pros and manufacturers learn (or not learn) from big tech companies like Apple, HP, Google or Best Buy in terms of incorporating social media into their customer service?

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