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Smoke Detector

Fire or False Alarm: Kidde Has First Smoke Alarm to Meet New UL 217 Standard

By Lisa Montgomery · May 20, 2019 • TruSense technology enables Kidde smoke alarms to meet new UL 217 safety standard for distinguishing real fires from harmless smoke.

CES 2019: Smartest New Smoke, Fire and CO Detectors

By Julie Jacobson · December 14, 2018 • TodaySmoke Detective turns any smart phone or camera-enabled device into a smoke detector ... and other innovations in smoke, CO and fire safety at CES 2019.'s

New Smart-Home Devices Could Prevent Fires or at Least Save Lives

By Julie Jacobson · January 5, 2018 • Modern-day IoT devices might prevent fires like the recent Bronx apartment blaze, or at least mitigate the spread of flames and loss of life. Multiple life-saving home smart-home devices debut at CES 2018.

Nest App Simplifies New England Integrator’s World

By Advertorial · November 30, 2016 • The simplicity of a single Nest app to control and receive alerts from thermostats, surveillance cameras and smoke detectors is the ideal solution for Rhode Island integrator Flint AV.

‘Refreshing’ Business Model Takes Off with Millennials, Realtors

By Advertorial · October 12, 2016 • Refresh Smart Home displays installation prices for packages of equipment based around Nest for ‘Healthy Homes,’ ‘Secure Homes’ and ‘Energy-Efficient Homes.’

Roost Smart Alarms Detect Smoke, Fire, CO and Natural Gas via Internet of Things

By Robert Archer · June 2, 2016 • Roost introduces two new smart smoke alarms that communicate with homeowners' information, ranging from smoke alerts to low-battery warnings weeks before batteries go dead.

Pyrexx Makes Smart, Sexy, Blingy Mesh-Networking Smoke Detectors

By Julie Jacobson · June 19, 2015 • Want some bling with that smoke detector? As shown at IFSEC 2015, Pyrexx PX-1 and PX-1C come in a range of colors, textures and Swarovski crystals; include clever features like a magnetic mount.

ELK 6050 Wireless Smoke Detector Includes 2-Way Communications

By Robert Archer · February 3, 2015 • ELK Products has introduced its new ELK-6050 Sound All Smoke Detector that incorporates two-way communications to alert building occupants and central stations of a smoke/fire event.