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Smart Meters

The Future of Smart Homes, Smart Cities

By CE Pro Editors · January 23, 2013 • The cities of the future will be driven by home automation and greatly increased energy efficiency.

SDG&E and SoCal Edison: Pay to Get Your Dumb Meters Back

By Julie Jacobson · April 24, 2012 • Worried that smart meters may contribute to nausea, inflated energy bills, security breaches and other travesties, consumers want their analog meters back. SoCal Edison and SDG&E will oblige for a fee.

3 Big Buzz Kills for Energy Conservation

By Julie Jacobson · May 17, 2011 • Governments discourage electric cars and solar energy; home appraisers dismiss pricey energy management systems. Is green technology really worth it?

Do Smart Meters Interfere with Alarms?

By Jason Knott · January 21, 2011 • Association issues warning that electrical smart meters can cause wireless security systems go 'haywire.'

GE First with ZigBee Smart Energy Appliances

By Julie Jacobson · May 18, 2010 • GE Appliances & Lighting will introduce major appliances with built-in ZigBee technology for communication with smart meters and the smart grid, but they won't connect to the smart home ... yet.

Home Automation: Has Anything Changed in 15 Years?

By Julie Jacobson · July 7, 2009 • We're still banking on utilities to jump-start the home automation industry and a "real" standard is "just around the corner."