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A Google Home First: Local Integration with GE Smart Bulbs via BLE - No Network Needed*

By Julie Jacobson · October 9, 2018 • If you guessed Google's first stab at local home-automation might involve ZigBee, Z-Wave or Thread + Weave ... you would be wrong. Google announces local integration via BLE with GE smart bulbs, along with a new protocol for pairing and control.

Lighting Control Special Report: Exclusive Research

By Jason Knott · June 14, 2018 • The first-ever in-depth CE Pro research reveals profit, pricing, scale and popular elements in lighting control installations.

Patents: Home Automation Leader Crestron Invents a Smarter Smart Bulb

By Julie Jacobson · June 16, 2017 • Crestron patent application describes a smart bulb with an integrated on/off mechanism, so users can turn the lamp "off" locally but still control via app or home automation. Is it practical? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

BeON Smart Bulb Doubles as Security Measure

By Rachel Cericola · November 16, 2015 • The BeON smart bulb incorporates Qualcomm Technologies' Bluetooth-enhanced CSRmesh platform.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit Sets Tone for Under $40

By Rachel Cericola · August 26, 2015 • The Philips Hue wireless dimming kit (MSRP $39.95) will start selling in September. Each Philips Hue white bulb boasts white light at 2700K with no fade-in and is rated for up to 25,000 hours of use.

GE to Produce Color-Changing LED Light Bulbs for HomeKit

By Rachel Cericola · June 3, 2015 • GE's smart bulbs will work with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform and feature its Align technology. The lighting can be automated based on sleep cycles, with brighter bluer tones in the morning and an amber light in the evening. With HomeKit, users can control the bulbs using Siri and link them to other connected home devices.

Display 16 Million Colors with LIFX Multi-Colored Smart Bulb

By Rachel Cericola · December 30, 2014 • LIFX smart bulb uses WiFi and mesh radio technology for control from iOS or Android devices.

Belkin, TCP Working Together on WeMo Smart Lighting

By Rachel Cericola · December 22, 2014 • Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) to release WeMo-friendly smart bulbs in 2015.

By the Numbers: Latest Trends in Energy Management

By CE Pro Editors · December 10, 2014 • CE Pro takes a look at the trends in energy management, from HVAC and lighting to smart home adoption, LED light bulbs to smart sprinklers.

BeON Burglar Deterrent Smart Bulb Designed to Scare Off Crime

By Rachel Cericola · November 17, 2014 • Smart light bulb from BeON Home can learn and replay lighting patterns to give the appearance someone is home while they are away.

LightFreq Features Color and Sound in a Smart Bulb

By Rachel Cericola · August 13, 2014 • New lighting option also provides notifications, intercom features, party modes, and more.

JJ Changes Tune: Smart Bulbs Not So Stupid After All

By Julie Jacobson · August 6, 2014 • CE Pro's Julie Jacobson changes her tune: For the 132 million homes in the U.S., smart bulbs will absolutely become a very important factor in lighting controls.

GE Link Breaks Smart Bulb Price Barriers with $15 ZigBee-Enabled LEDs

By Julie Jacobson · June 27, 2014 • Compatible with Quirky’s new Wink home automation hub, GE Link smart LED bulbs ($15 and up) communicate via ZigBee; Lutron ClearConnect wireless bulbs expected to later this year.

Why Long-life LED Light Bulbs Will Likely Boost Lighting Control Adoption

By Jason Knott · May 14, 2014 • Light bulb manufacturers have created a dilemma. LEDs now last so long that replacement cycles could be as long as 68 years, so revenues will crash. That's why smart bulbs (and lighting control) might be their savior.

CentraLite Solves Pesky Problem of Light Switches & Smart Bulbs

By Julie Jacobson · April 11, 2014 • The problem with smart bulbs is that you always have to keep the switch on, and you rarely have local control. Enter CentraLite’s clever little solution … plus more new ZigBee HA 1.2 devices.

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