CES 2019: Smartest New Smoke, Fire and CO Detectors

By Julie Jacobson · December 14, 2018 • TodaySmoke Detective turns any smart phone or camera-enabled device into a smoke detector ... and other innovations in smoke, CO and fire safety at CES 2019.'s

New Samsung SmartThings Wifi Melds Home Automation Hub with Plume Mesh Wi-Fi

By Julie Jacobson · August 13, 2018 • ‘Next iteration’ of Samsung Connect Home is full-fledged SmartThings hub with ZigBee and Z-Wave, plus mesh Wi-Fi from Plume, featuring ‘AI-based network optimization.’ New $15 ZigBee home-automation 'Button' launched.

2GIG Builds a Better Water Leak Sensor, Nortek Claims

By CE Pro Editors · June 26, 2018 • Nortek says 2GIG Water Leak Detector is the first to provide dual-source protection against water leaks and flooding.

9 Interesting IoT Finds at ISC: Blingy Smart Lock, Awesome Fire Alarm

By Julie Jacobson · April 12, 2018 • ISC West 2018: SnapAV pitches OvrC to alarm dealers, a smart lock for newlyweds, neat fire-protection system that could spawn a category ... and more security and home automation from Vegas.

Ultimate ISC Tech Guide: Hottest Products & Trends in Security, Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · April 11, 2018 • ISC West 2018 teems with new security and home-automation products highlighting trends in video surveillance & analtyics, AI-enabled alarm sensors, assisted-DIY solutions and more. CE Pro's Julie Jacobson has it here.

Sonos’s Really Interesting Patent App: Play Music Based on Biometrics Like Sweat

By Julie Jacobson · March 30, 2018 • Sonos patent application describes how biometric data like perspiration, pulse or tone of voice could inform an audio system to play music or other content that is most conducive to the listener's well being. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

CES 2017: Roost Smart Sensor Detects Water, Humidity & Temperature

By Robert Archer · January 4, 2017 • Roost's latest Smart Sensor (RSW-200) detects home problems such as water leaks, humidity, and cold and hot temperature extremes.

Top Greener’s Super-Smart Electrical Outlet Has Humidity and Motion Sensing

By Robert Archer · November 3, 2016 • Top Greener's new DWHOS Humidity Sensor and Motion Detector Switch and TU21548A Dual Port USB Charger Outlet Receptacle blend into the background and augment the daily activities of homeowners.

Kiwi Wearables Shows Future of Home Automation at CES 2014

By Julie Jacobson · January 3, 2014 • Startup Kiwi to show wearable badge and if/then engine that illustrates the future of sensor-driven, cloud-enabled home automation.

CES 2014 Trend: Oh What a Sensor Can Do!

By Julie Jacobson · December 27, 2013 • Sensors on the toilet seat? Scores of newfangled sensors will appear at CES 2014, but here are some of today's practical home automation applications beyond the usual, as submitted by CE Pros.

CES 2014 Hidden Gem: Fibaro Z-Wave Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · December 20, 2013 • Fibaro's Z-Wave fire/smoke detector could give Nest a run. Also showing at CES 2014: clever Z-Wave flood detector, gesture pad, SIP server.

Tyco in Talks to Buy Visonic

By Jason Knott · June 23, 2011 • Parent company of ADT is reportedly negotiating to buy Israeli-based wireless security system manufacturer.

Verizon Unveils Details of Home Control System

By CE Pro Editors · December 30, 2010 • The company will include energy management functions along with smart security and climate features, among others.

14 Unusual Ways to Use Security Sensors

By Julie Jacobson · March 12, 2010 • Keep the kids out of the liquor cabinet, trigger the exhaust fan when someone sits on the toilet, virtually bark at the deer, and more