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Salez Toolz© Design View Well Received at CEPro Summit

By CE Pro Editors · November 20, 2013 • Contractors at this year’s CEPro Summit responded positively to APEX, the next generation of Salez Toolz, with particular interest in “Design View” which, when added to Salez Toolz, will allow for the quick placement of devices onto a floor. . .

Salez Toolz Upgrades Software with New Apex System

By Jason Knott · October 25, 2013 • Salez Toolz introduced Apex software at CEDIA Expo that incorporates digital photos, voice-to-text notes and new slick iconography that can be dropped directly on to floorplans.

Salez Toolz APEX Preview Receives Record Response at CEDIA

By CE Pro Editors · October 2, 2013 • Salez Toolz© set a new record in sales as it gave the CEDIA attendees a preview of their new APEX app due out in December. The response was double that of their iPad app released in 2010 and after show sales. . .

Salez Toolz© increases the closing ratio for Encore Audio/Video

By CE Pro Editors · August 26, 2013 • Stephen Weber, Systems Integration manager at Encore Audio/Video, recently shared why Salez Toolz© has become a standard in their selling process and the net effect to their company’s bottom line. Mr. Weber has spent years studying the sales. . .

Companies Turn to Salez Toolz© to Increase Their Sales Force

By CE Pro Editors · June 24, 2013 • What started off the year as an interesting resurgence of active Salez Toolz© users has now turned into a significant trend of existing users purchasing additional licenses for new sales people, states Susan Jones Sipe, president of Abacus Prime, the developer of Salez Toolz©.

Salez Toolz to exhibit at the ESX Security show; why does an AV Contractor care?

By CE Pro Editors · May 23, 2013 • ESX is primarily based around the Security industry; so why are we letting the CEPro readers know about this? Because the Security channel understands the profitable advantages of selling packages, and we want the AV Channel to know it, too.

Salez Toolz helps Manufacturers as well as their Dealers SELL!

By CE Pro Editors · April 19, 2013 • Salez Toolz©, the first iPad App for sales, is receiving an unprecedented amount of interest from manufacturers who want to provide content in Salez Toolz. The conversation usually starts with, one of my dealers showed me your program and. . .

Salez Toolz Receives Record Response on New Version/Update

By CE Pro Editors · March 27, 2013 • Salez Toolz debuted the new Power Client in late February at the HES Dealer Summit after which we tracked a record number of new users as well as those updating their existing licenses. “When we created Salez Toolz in 2005, our. . .

Past Press Releases Summary

By CE Pro Editors · February 21, 2013 • 2012: Salez Toolz© receives high marks from users on the release of 100’s of lifestyle images and new data-sets provided at no-charge 2012: HES Brandsource requests Salez Toolz to provide its members with a custom version focused around their preferred Vendors 2012: Salez. . .

ST Matrix Cloud Server

By CE Pro Editors · February 18, 2013 • ST Matrix Cloud Server allows a company to share data from any location, whether that’s across town or across the country. The ST Matrix Cloud Server insures that your salespeople, technicians and other sales support partners are kept current with your product offerings and current prices. Provides up to 50 gig storage for data sets, images, graphics, client files, report templates, custom reports.

ST Power Client (PC/MAC)

By CE Pro Editors · February 18, 2013 • Take advantage of the large display of your monitor, flat panel or projection system to present your product solutions and create a budget. Also ideal for selling on-line for customers who are out of town or who’s schedules are full. Final budget exports to your own custom report (in excel). The Power Client also allows you to import your product and favorite installation images as well as select your color, background themes and button styles. Save time by downloading from our sample images on the Salez Toolz Data-store.

ST iPad App

By CE Pro Editors · February 18, 2013 • Use the appeal of the iPad to present a complete listing of your Product solutions selecting from a variety of different price points to create one ideal budget; is so fast and easy you might even create several budgets for your customer’s consideration. Once they’ve selected their final budget, sign on the iPad then print and email the Budget all in your first meeting.

Salez Toolz Releases a New Version of Power Client

By CE Pro Editors · February 17, 2013 • Salez Toolz, the first iPad App for sales, releases a new version of their Power Client for the PC and MAC.

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