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Salez Toolz

65 Apps/Software to Boost Efficiency by up to 70%

By CE Pro Editors · January 25, 2016 • Integrators share 9 pieces of advice for selecting software and 65 different software systems/single-purpose apps that they use in the office and the field to boost efficiency as much as 70%.

Sales Software Enables Integrator to Close 1,200 Projects

By Jason Knott · May 22, 2015 • Protection by Design in Williamsburg, Va., says the speed and interactivity of new Salez Toolz APEX software enabled the company to close 1,200 projects so far in 2015. CE Pro spoke with the two principals of Abacus Prime, Mark and Susan Sipe, who explained some of the upgrades to the new Salez Toolz APEX software.

New Control4 Data-set included in Salez Toolz APEX Release

By CE Pro Editors · December 17, 2014 • Abacus Prime LLC is now releasing the Salez Toolz APEX Workstation and receiving great responses to its new functionality

Salez Toolz Releases New, High Performance, Sales Software and Services

By CE Pro Editors · November 17, 2014 • Abacus Prime LLC announces the release of its sales intelligence software Salez Toolz APEX the first week of December.

Salez Toolz: Fast tracks Sales for Users

By CE Pro Editors · October 24, 2014 • Salez Toolz PRO-Services Group has been fast tracking the sales of its users by creatinge customized product and service solutions specific to that company’s unique product mix.  Finding time to manage data is a common problem for businesses. . .

Salez Toolz APEX Wins CE PRO BEST Award 2014 for Software

By CE Pro Editors · September 22, 2014 • Abacus Prime, the developer of the sales intelligence software Salez Toolz, is very pleased to announce that its Salez Toolz APEX has won CE Pro’s Best Award 2014 for software application. The software was chosen as being deemed most noteworthy by a panel of accomplished industry leaders, along with the editors of CE Pro. Judging criteria included innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, and benefits to the end user.

Salez Toolz™ to Release APEX at CEDIA 2014

By CE Pro Editors · August 22, 2014 • Salez Toolz™ will be debuting their first release of APEXTM at this year’s CEDIA. “Our Sales Intelligence Software sets a new standard in how contractors present and sell technology. Users tell us that this new process resulted in increased sales and a shorter sales cycles, this is something we are very proud of” states Susan Jones Sipe, Abacus Prime’s CEO.

Salez Toolz™ PRO-Services Group expanding to meet growing demand

By CE Pro Editors · July 25, 2014 • Salez Toolz is ramping up its PRO-Services Group by adding new staff to meet growing demand.

Salez Toolz™ Talks About Their Upcoming Release

By CE Pro Editors · June 20, 2014 • Salez Toolz broke new ground nine years ago when it introduced solution based selling incorporating pictures and engaging customers into creating their own budgets. This revolutionized the sales process shifting what used to take days into hours. The upcoming release of Salez Toolz will use the latest software technology that only possibly 5% of the developers are taking advantage of states Mark Sipe, CTO of Abacus Prime.

Salez Toolz™ Adds New Director of Strategic Development

By CE Pro Editors · May 23, 2014 • This week, Abacus Prime management announced that Tammy Lo Deets is joining the company as Director of Strategic Development. Deets, working out of the Seattle office, will focus on identifying new market growth opportunities and provide leadership that will strengthen client experiences in Salez Toolz, an Abacus Prime software that simplifies sales presentation and budgeting.

Salez Toolz Adding to its Management Team

By CE Pro Editors · April 25, 2014 • Salez Toolz software’s parent company, Abacus Prime, is pleased to announce its new management acquisition. Joe Deets joins Abacus Prime as Senior Vice President of Operations. While also adding additional office and technical support staff, Deets will be helping Abacus Prime with the strong growth it has been experiencing and the anticipated business when the new Salez Toolz APEX releases next month.

Salez Toolz™ PRO-Services Group winds-up your Selling machine

By CE Pro Editors · March 20, 2014 • Salez Toolz PRO-Services Group has just made selling technology with technology even easier by creating your Company’s specific solutions for you! The PRO-Services Group meets with your team and assists you with defining your product and service solutions then creates a picture and marketing description including your installed price and enters it into your Salez Toolz software.

Salez Toolz™ helps users “Pro-Up” with the new PRO-Services Group

By CE Pro Editors · February 21, 2014 • Salez Toolz is helping new and existing users put a “Pro” touch to their presentation by offering new Services. Prior to the release of APEX, Salez Toolz Pro-Services group is offering dataset management and creation. Along with these new services a number of free Themes, Data-sets and graphics will be posted to the Salez Toolz Data-store as free downloads.

Salez Toolz™ releases new custom version for AiN Group “AiN Quotes™”

By CE Pro Editors · January 16, 2014 • After hearing from several of their board members success with production builders, AiN Group’s President Stan Matysiak asked Salez Toolz to join their Preferred Vendor Partner group.

Salez Toolz© Reveals New APEX Graphics on Facebook

By CE Pro Editors · December 17, 2013 • Salez Toolz is used in the sales presentation process and as such we believe that emphasis must be placed on the look and feel of the layout and navigation to make it interesting, dare we say even sexy, states Susan. . .

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