Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB DC Turntable Delivers Upgraded Performance

By Robert Archer · April 13, 2015 • Pro-Ject's latest turntable product builds upon the success of its 2Xperience through the addition of a motor control system and tonearm.

Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution Turntable Features 9cc Evolution Tonearm

By Robert Archer · June 12, 2014 • Designed to bridge the value and performance gap, Pro-Ject's Xtension 9 Evolution Turntable utilizes a quartz-generated, high-speed, electronically speed regulated built-in synchronous motor.

McIntosh Sold Again in Management Buyout of Fine Sounds

By Robert Archer · May 8, 2014 • Fine Sounds SpA CEO Mauro Grange and McIntosh president Charlie Randall, along with two European investment firms, are moving to purchase Fine Sounds Group, which includes Sonus faber, Audio Research Corporation, Wadia Digital and Sumiko.

Pro-Ject DAC Compatible with DSD Files

By Robert Archer · April 7, 2014 • The new DAC Box RS from Pro-Ject offers a choice of USB, AES-EBU, optical and coax inputs, and can be used to play PCM and DSD high-resolution digital files.

Why Did Fine Sounds Acquire McIntosh?

By Robert Archer · October 8, 2012 • Fine Sounds, parent company of Sonus faber, Audio Research, Wadia and Sumiko, purchased McIntosh from D+M Group. How will the sale impact Fine Sounds and D+M?

Sonus faber Expands Product Line with Wallet-Friendly Speakers

By Robert Archer · October 8, 2012 • Sonus faber is an Italian speaker company that is distributed by Sumiko in the U.S. and it is well known in the audiophile community for its furniture-grade cabinetry and other enclosure innovations. Recently Sonus faber announced its Venere family of loudspeakers that are engineered to provide homeowners with a similar sound experience as its more expensive luxury products.

Sonus faber AIDA loudspeaker

By Robert Archer · January 3, 2012 • Sonus faber's new AIDA loudspeaker was recently introduced to the public during a dealer event in New York City and the company says its latest product employs a 3.5-way design and a "lyre" cabinet shape.

Fine Sounds Acquires U.S. Distribution Company SUMIKO

By CE Pro Editors · July 5, 2011 • Already owners of Sonus faber, Audio Research and Wadia, the Italian-based holding company Fine Sounds has acquired the A/V distributor SUMIKO. The previous owners will retain the REL and Wolf Cinema brands.

Wolf Cinema SDC-15 projector

By Robert Archer · June 13, 2011 • Using JVC's D-ILA technology's the company's latest product enables dealers to set their clients up with a modern video solution that's capable of delivering a 3D experience.

Sonus Faber Amati Futura

By Robert Archer · May 9, 2011 • Drawing from its country's historical music heritage, Sonus Faber's new Amati Futura is a 3.5-way loudspeaker that incorporates the same engineering methods, materials and design concepts as the company's Classic and Homage series of products.

Wolf Cinema Fueling A/V Rejuvenation

By Robert Archer · April 14, 2010 • Sumiko’s new video brand is touring the U.S. demonstrating to CE pros how its product line can help installers interested bolstering their revenues through home theater sales.

Wolf Cinema DCL-200FD LED projector

By Robert Archer · April 12, 2010 • Sumiko's Wolf Cinema video brand has introduced its new LED-based DCL-200FD projector, which is bolstered by the company's fixed-lens 2.35:1 VariScope CinemaScope option and 27-month extended parts and labor warranty coverage.