Runco Program Targets Studio Execs

By Julie Jacobson · August 25, 2010 • Digital Cinema Concierge brings commercial-grade performance and security standards to residential theaters.

Runco Signature Cinema SC-50d and SC-60d

By Robert Archer · August 10, 2010 • The long-time custom electronics manufacturer has bolstered its line of luxury video products with the addition of two new products that support 3D home theater.

Runco Unveils SC-50d, SC-60d 3D Projectors

By Rachel Cericola · July 30, 2010 • Both support Active3D via active shutter glasses or passive-glassed-based solutions.

Runco Outdoor LCD televisions

By Robert Archer · June 3, 2010 • The specialty video manufacturer has added two new weatherproof TVs to its Climate Portfolio line of products.

Why Runco Hasn’t Talked About 3D ... Yet

By Julie Jacobson · April 20, 2010 • During HTSA, Runco spoke candidly about 3D plans, commitment to the channel, and the new "fun" under the Planar regime; dealers more optimistic than ever about the Runco brand.

Runco Q-750i and Q-750d LED Projectors

By Robert Archer · March 8, 2010 • The luxury video company's new lampless products passed THX testing for video quality and now CE Pros will be able to offer their clients a choice of green-friendly products that meet the industry's highest performance standards.

Runco Updates Website, Offers Added Dealer Support

By CE Pro Editors · February 9, 2010 • Updated Web site provides consumers with image galleries and product specs; exclusive dealer portal offers dealer-only content.

Runco Launches Installation Apps for Smartphones

By Tom LeBlanc · January 25, 2010 • Lens Selector picks appropriate lens based on screen width, aspect ratio, throw distance, etc.

Runco Tour Demos Latest Products, Technologies

By Robert Archer · November 19, 2009 • Runco to show latest LED-based projectors and OPAL-equipped LCD TVs across the country.

Planar Reaffirms Satisfaction With Runco Acquisition

By Robert Archer · April 28, 2008 • Planar has no regrets about last year's acquisition of Runco International for $37 million, says Scott Hix, VP and GM of the company's home theater business unit.

Planar’s Acquisition of Runco: No End to the Party

By Julie Jacobson · May 24, 2007 • Runco is known as much for creating “the world’s finest home theater products” as throwing the world’s greatest parties. The company announced yesterday it would be acquired by Planar Systems, a publicly traded company with considerably less sex appeal.

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