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CE Pro’s Original Top 10: Sam Runco

By Julie Jacobson · December 27, 2012 • Eight years ago we published a list of the 10 most influential leaders in the custom installation industry. Today's spotlight: Sam Runco

Thiel Audio Rolls out Custom Program

By Robert Archer · October 4, 2012 • For more than 30 years Thiel Audio has been designing and manufacturing products for discerning audiophiles and home theater buffs. The Kentucky company’s new custom shop now provides consumers with the same levels of product quality in one-off versions.

Runco SC-30d & SC-35d Signature Series projectors

By Robert Archer · September 8, 2012 • Runco has added two new products to its Signature Series of products with the introduction of its SC-30d and SC-35d projectors.

Runco LS-10HBd Projector Brightens Up LightStyle Series

By Rachel Cericola · August 22, 2012 • Runco's LightStyle LS-10HBd is a 3-chip DLP projector that boasts 3,780 lumens before calibration, ISF Day and Night modes and Runco's Digital High-Definition 4 external video processor. The LightStyle LS-10HBd will be available in September 2012 for $29,995.

Runco Partners with Magnolia Design Centers

By Robert Archer · June 11, 2012 • Runco has entered into a relationship with Best Buy's Magnolia Design Center to provide the specialty showrooms with a selection of Runco products.

Runco LS-12d 3D projector

By Robert Archer · February 3, 2012 • Runco's new LS-12d projector incorporates a three-chip DLP engine and the company's LightStyle industrial design.

HTSA Names Former Runco President Bob Hana as Managing Director

By Julie Jacobson · October 21, 2011 • Bob Hana replaces Richard Glikes as managing director of HTSA buying group. Hana was previously president of Runco and VP at Planar and NEC.

Runco Adds LS-1 DLP Projector for $4,000

By Rachel Cericola · August 11, 2011 • Runco's LS-1 DLP Projector, one of the company's most affordable projectors, features SuperOnyx with ConstantContrast, ViVix proprietary digital video processing, and ISF calibration.

Sam Runco, Sandy Bloomberg Inducted into CE Hall of Fame

By Jason Knott · May 25, 2011 • Sam Runco and Sandy Bloomberg will be inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.

6 Great 3D Demos

By Robert Archer · April 8, 2011 • We roundup the best content to use when demoing 3D systems.

How to Demo 3D Systems

By Robert Archer · April 8, 2011 • 3D requires special attention from installers who want to get it right. We share some tips on how to demo 3D systems to clients.

Runco LightStyle Series LS-HB projector

By Robert Archer · January 26, 2011 • The Ore.-based high-performance video company has added a product that it says can provide consumers with performance outside of a dedicated home theater environment.

Runco Adds DLP Projector for Under $8K

By Grant Clauser · January 19, 2011 • Runco LS-HB is a single-chip, 1080p projector based on Runco’s SuperOnyx technology for enhanced contrast.

GUNNAR Optiks passive 3D glasses

By Robert Archer · December 3, 2010 • High-performance video companies like SIM2, Wolf Cinema and Runco have all chosen to employ passive 3D technologies with their respective 3D video system solutions. GUNNAR's line of 3D eye wear includes both circular and linear passive technologies to allow custom installers to consult with their respective brand partners and match up a GUNNAR product.

Racks & Mounts Keep Media Room Clean, Contemporary

By CE Pro Editors · October 18, 2010 • Media room uses 65-inch display with speakers mounted on sides for uncluttered look.

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