Room Acoustics

Art Meets Science in $6 Million Minimalist UK Mansion

By CE Pro Editors · July 8, 2019 • While UK-based integration company Imagine This was tasked with installing some new Bowers & Wilkins speakers, they first needed to eliminate reverb issues with some clever tech.

Anthem Unveils ARC Genesis Third-Gen Room Correction Software at ISE 2019

By CE Pro Editors · February 5, 2019 • Available for both Mac and Windows, ARC Genesis from Anthem is "most advanced room correction system available today" and offers a comprehensive set of tools to optimize audio performance.

5 Tips for Acoustic Room Treatments: Real Traps’ Ethan Winer Offers His Advice

By Robert Archer · March 28, 2018 • Ethan Winer, co-founder of pro audio treatment company Real Traps, offers his advice and tips to help design high performing acoustical spaces in the home.

Room Correction: The ‘Invisible Audio Component’

By By Niklas Thorin · June 14, 2017 • Integrators should add ‘smart audio processing’ or standalone room correction, along with physical damping, on every project.

Gershman Acoustics Dresses Up Acoustic Treatments

By Robert Archer · June 11, 2014 • The Canadian audio manufacturer has expanded its product line with 3DAA 3D Acoustics Art to include a selection of acoustic room treatments designed to complement a room's appearance.

Primacoustic Acoustical Panels are Paintable

By Robert Archer · February 17, 2014 • Primacoustic's new Paintable line of acoustical treatments are designed to blend into a variety of home spaces though their ability to accept coatings of paint.

Next Generation Auralex SubDude-HT Features a Lower Profile

By Robert Archer · February 26, 2013 • Auralex says that its latest generation SubDude product provides home theater owners with better acoustical isolation.

Auralex QuadFusor

By Robert Archer · August 9, 2012 • The new QuadFusor diffusor product from Auralex can be used in commercial installations to improve the sound quality of interior spaces.

Quest Acoustical Interiors QALS room acoustics solution

By Robert Archer · September 7, 2011 • The Midwestern company's new Quest Acoustical Lens System is engineered to optimize the performance of residential multichannel and two-channel audio systems.