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Review: James Loudspeaker 53Qw ‘Corners’ Home Theater Market

By Robert Archer · June 20, 2018 • James Loudspeaker 53Qw is a $1,300 two-way wedged-shaped speaker designed for corner installation in whole-house audio and home theater speaker systems.

Review: Beyerdynamic Headphones Provide High-End Alternative for Gaming and Music

By CE Pro Editors · May 1, 2018 • Coming from the professional audio market, Beyerdynamic headphones offer gamer and music lovers a choice of competitively priced personal audio products.

Review: Optoma UHZ65 4K Laser Projector Offers Quality at an Affordable Price-point

By Robert Archer · February 27, 2018 • Incorporating Texas Instruments’ (TI) 4K DLP UHD chipset and a laser-phosphor light engine, the $4,500 Optoma UHZ65 produces up to 3,000 lumens and a lamp life as high as 20,000 hours.

Integrator Kris Hogg Reviews Neeo Remote: It’s Great if you Understand Limitations

By Julie Jacobson · November 20, 2017 • Longtime CEDIA integrator Kris Hogg dives into Neeo remote and home-control system, saying it's a fine product with lots of promise if you temper expectations. Bugs with Sonos, Philips Hue, Fire TV sure to be addressed.

Early Reviews of Neeo Remote Control: Gorgeous Hardware, Flawed Software

By Julie Jacobson · November 17, 2017 • After 2.5 years of waiting, early Kickstarter backers unbox their Neeo remote controls to find beautiful hardware but flaky software for anything but common IR commands. They see potential, though.

Networking Guru Changes His Tune: Loves Router Limits for Parental Controls

By Bjorn Jensen · February 22, 2017 • Bjørn Jensen reviews new RL-Mini, which enables Router Limits parental controls to work on any network. Customers will "thank you for empowering them."

Networking Pro Reviews Eero: A Good Choice for 80%

By Michael Maniscalco · December 28, 2016 • Eero's mesh-Wi-Fi networking solution is better than most consumer-grade routers and access points, but lacks key features that integrators will need for larger spaces and more demanding applications.

Hands On: When Google Fiber Meets a Mediocre Network & OnHub Router

By Michael Maniscalco · November 4, 2016 • Networking guru tries out Google Fiber in Austin with a consumer-grade Google OnHub router and poorly installed structured wiring. The results weren't pretty. Here are some lessons for smart home integrators.

Very First Review of Pakedge BakPak 4.0 Remote Monitoring System from Control4: WOW!

By Joe Whitaker · October 7, 2016 • Integrator Joe Whitaker of The Thoughtful Home offers the first hands-on review of the new BakPak 4.0 remote network monitoring platform from home-automation provider Control4.

Hands on: Dish’s New Hopper Remote with Gesture & Voice Control is Good Step in the Right Direction

By Julie Jacobson · July 14, 2016 • New Hopper Voice Remote from Dish recognizes voice commands most of the time if you speak deliberately and close to the mic, but the button layout is flawed and Dish's response to commands can be unhelpful. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Integrator Review: Control4 Composer Express Changes Home Automation Game

By Joe Whitaker · October 21, 2014 • Long-time Control4 dealer Joe Whitaker goes gaga over new Composer Express home automation configuration app, which dramatically reduces installation time and increases profits for integrators.

Hands On: Sonance Visual Performance Series VP66R In-Ceiling Speaker

By Arlen Schweiger · July 11, 2014 • Armed with ample bass and musical clarity, the Visual Performance Series offers simple installation, adjustable drivers, round-to-square grille adapter and a range of performance levels to give flexible options to customers requesting architectural speakers.

Dealer Gives Amazon FireTV a Meh Review

By Julie Jacobson · April 23, 2014 • Self-proclaimed gadget freak Leon Shaw of Audio Advice says instead of buying FireTV, spend your $99 on a better power cable for Apple TV.

Review: HydraConnect’s HDBaseT Switch Handles Audio Beautifully

By Joe Whitaker · April 7, 2014 • HMA-8X8BT HDBaseT matrix switch from HydraConnect enables simultaneous delivery of Dolby Digital and stereo, with no dumbing down; adds complete lip sync controls.

Hands On CES 2013 Preview: Nyne NH-6500 Dock and Guitar Amp

By Joe Whitaker · January 7, 2013 • Unusual iOS docking station from Nyne offers 120 watts of power, Bluetooth connectivity, exceptional audio processing for the price, and an optional guitar kit.

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