Remote Automation

MiOS: The Biggest Home Automation Platform You Never Heard of

By Julie Jacobson · January 11, 2013 • At CES 2013, ask MiOS about some of its big home automation wins including Orange Telecom, URC, Actiontec and others. Move over Motorola/Arris 4Home and iControl?

CE Pro Must-See at CES 2013: Global Cache iTach Flex

By Julie Jacobson · January 10, 2013 • iTach Flex lets integrators IP-enable virtually any device in a home automation ecosystem via RS-232, IR, contact closure, and automatically control them with a smart device.

CES 2013 Eureka: FiveFive iOS-controlled Smart Lighting

By Julie Jacobson · January 9, 2013 • Start-up FiveFive has a sculpture that projects colored LED lighting onto the wall with some cool control features for fun or as an aid for the hearing impaired.

Evolve Brings Home Automation, Usable Alarm Clocks to Hotels

By Julie Jacobson · January 5, 2013 • On display at CES 2013, new Android-based Evolve AI tablet makes it simple for hotel guests to control lights, thermostats, alarm clock, concierge service and other amenities.

Is iPad Mini the ‘Perfect Size for Home Automation’?

By Julie Jacobson · October 23, 2012 • Will iPad Mini create a surge in home automation and A/V control, as the original iPad did?

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