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These 10 Messy A/V Racks Are Not for the Faint of Heart

By Andrew Nichols · April 22, 2019 • These 10 wiring jobs might leave you without much of an appetite. Click through the slideshow at your own risk!

Installer Tip: Why You Should Love Banana Plugs Done Right [video]

By Julie Jacobson · March 14, 2018 • A/V integrator Michael Restrepo swears by banana plugs for neater racks and more efficient installs, uninstalls and reinstalls, but warns the connections must be perfect.

Installer Tip: How to Square Up an A/V Rack to Perfection [video]

By Julie Jacobson · March 8, 2018 • Michael Restrepo's short video explaining how to square up the face of an equipment rack demonstrates the great pride he takes in his integration work.

Unparalleled Hi-Res Performance, Tailored for Custom Install

By Advertorial · April 26, 2017 • Meridian brings easy to integrate high-resolution audio solutions to give customers the best possible listening experience.

Panamax VT4315-PRO wins CE Pro Best Award

By Advertorial · October 26, 2016 • The world’s first full featured IP-controlled vertical rackmount power conditioner delivers performance and protection in a space-saving form-factor.

Panamax Goes Vertical with the VT4315-PRO

By Advertorial · June 30, 2016 • The world’s first full featured IP-controlled vertical rackmount power conditioner is now shipping from Core Brands.

‘Great Looking Racks’ Winner Manages 3.8 Miles of Install Wiring

By CE Pro Editors · November 3, 2014 • Electronic Lifestyle Associates very neatly integrated the gear and cabling to cover 23 rooms and 7,500 square feet and earn accolades as winner of this year's 'Great Looking Racks' contest, sponsored by Middle Atlantic Products.

Active Thermal Management Introduces Cooling Switches

By Robert Archer · October 6, 2014 • Adding to its line of rack cooling products, ATM has released two new thermal switches.

Make a Statement with IC Colored Racks

By Julie Jacobson · May 28, 2013 • Installers Choice offers 12 standard colors at no charge for its welded equipment racks. Guess the most popular color.

Middle Atlantic PowerCool Series power & thermal management products

By Robert Archer · September 27, 2012 • Middle Atlantic's new PowerCool Series of products provides electronics professionals with a choice of integrated power distribution and thermal management products.

Lowell Manufacturing Model universal fan panels

By Robert Archer · September 11, 2012 • Lowell's new universal fan panels are designed to offer electronics professionals a choice of easy-to-install cooling solutions.

SnapAV WattBox line of power conditioners

By Robert Archer · August 22, 2012 • SnapAV's new line of UL-certified power conditioners employ a unique design to enable installers to integrate rack mounted electronics.

Tributaries T10X power extension bar

By Robert Archer · May 30, 2012 • Tributaries has added to its line of power products through the addition of its UL-approved T10X power extension bar.

Middle Atlantic RackLink power management products

By Robert Archer · November 17, 2011 • Middle Atlantic says it has designed its new power products from the installer perspective to provide electronics professionals with a choice of solutions that are able to maintain a rack-mounted system's reliability in a variety conditions.