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Wink Acquired by Black Eyed Peas Rapper will.i.am ... Yes, Really

By Chelsea Cafiero · July 28, 2017 • Smart-home platform Wink has a new owner: musician and tech entrepreneur will.i.am. Tech company i.am+ paid $38.7 million upfront plus a $20 million commitment towards future manufacturing.

30 Most Popular Web Stories of 2015: Home Automation Wins Again

By Julie Jacobson · December 30, 2015 • Home automation standards, low-voltage DC power distribution, IoT at retail and the demise of VIA International grabbed CE Pro page views in 2015. 5

Quirky, Wink File Chapter 11; Flextronics Makes $15M Opening Bid for Home Automation Biz

By Julie Jacobson · September 22, 2015 • The once-promising home automation company Wink, launched by GE-backed Quirky, has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is up for sale; Flextronics is the first bidder at $15 million for certain assets.

CE Pro Opines on IoT: Wink, Quirky, Savant, LiteTouch, Thread, AllSeen, Control4, Alarm.com

By Julie Jacobson · July 19, 2015 • CE Pro's Julie Jacobson: Wink and home automation hubs are complicated; the end of LiteTouch and the fate of hardwired lighting controls; Thread and AllSeen IoT lovefest; Control4 and Alarm.com stock.

Wink Has Sold 300k Home Automation Hubs, But Biz is Dying; Whither the DIY Dream?

By Julie Jacobson · July 16, 2015 • Quirky and its Wink IoT group are almost out of cash and may not make it, making us wonder what will happen to other DIY home automation initiatives like Staples Connect, Lowe’s Iris and SmartThings.

Joe Whitaker Invents a Better Power Strip, Submits to Quirky

By Julie Jacobson · May 8, 2015 • CE Pro contributor and A/V integrator Joe Whitaker invents ElyctricSlyde, a power strip that guarantees you won't cover up precious outlets. Vote for it on Quirky to help it to the next step.

Quirky ‘Terribly Embarrassed’ Over Wink Home Automation Hub Recall (Updated)

By Julie Jacobson · April 20, 2015 • The bad news: The Wink home automation hub from Quirky is being recalled because the company failed to update its security software. The good news: The security worked!

Quirky, GE, Wink Tackle Sensor Networks, Build-Your-Own Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · November 11, 2014 • GE/Quirky gets closer to the sensor-driven conscious home, with new ‘anti-thermostat’ that responds to local activity, along with a clever new build-your-own home-automation device program.

UPDATE: Poorly Reviewed Wink Home Automation no Longer ‘Under Review’ by Amazon

By Julie Jacobson · August 13, 2014 • UPDATE: No longer under review - Reviewers have not been kind to the new Wink home automation system from GE-backed Quirky. Amazon just put the product ‘under review’ but the status could reflect little more than a logistical bump.

Wink, Home Depot Aim to ‘Take Confusion Out’ of Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · July 1, 2014 • Wink’s 24/7 tech support, product packaging, device discovery, real-time diagnostics expected to drive home automation sales; works with Android Wear.

Wink Home Automation Hub Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Lutron Caseta

By Julie Jacobson · June 26, 2014 • Home Depot to sell new home automation Hub from Quirky’s spinoff business Wink; Hub supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee and Lutron’s Caseta wireless protocol.