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Quest For Quality Awards

How LG Aims to Broaden Integrators’ World

By CE Pro Editors · April 24, 2019 • LG pushes CE pros to an array of products that are not traditional for the channel, from smart appliances to steam cleaners, using its Quest for Quality Award-winning website with 30M monthly users.

PowerHouse Alliance’s Commitment to Training Programs Helps Win Quest for Quality Award

By CE Pro Editors · April 22, 2019 • Thanks in part to its dedication to providing dealer training programs and technical support, PowerHouse Alliance won four Quest for Quality Awards this year.

Skywalker AV Revamps Website and Social Media Presence to Win Quest for Quality Award

By CE Pro Editors · April 17, 2019 • Thanks in part to updating an already award-winning website with new features and focusing more on social media, Skywalker AV won four Quest for Quality Awards this year.

Interview: Vanco President Discusses A/V-over-IP Adoption, HDMI 2.1, More

By CE Pro Editors · April 16, 2019 • Mark Corbin talks with CE Pro about some of the connectivity challenges integrators face and the future of A/V-over-IP adoption.

Control4 Remains Dedicated to Customers and Dealers, Wins 10 Quest for Quality Awards

By CE Pro Editors · April 16, 2019 • Thanks in part to its dedication to customer service and tech support, Control4 took home 10 Quest for Quality Awards this year, beating its previous record from 2018.

Sony’s Dazzling Booth at CEDIA Helps Earn Quest for Quality Award

By CE Pro Editors · April 16, 2019 • A magnificent CLEDIS MicroLED display helped Sony win the CEDIA Expo 2018 Best Booth Awards and a 2019 Quest for Quality Award for trade show presence.

CE Pro’s 2019 Quest for Quality Awards: Best Suppliers in the Home-Tech Channel

By Jason Knott · March 25, 2019 • Manufacturers and distributors serving the custom channel must stay on top of communications, lead generation, technology services, website resources, social media matters and more to help integrators profit. Here’s how the industry’s best stay at it and earn CE Pro’s Quest for Quality Awards.

4 Ways to Improve Internal Staff Communication

By Pete Baker · March 6, 2019 • 80% of organizational problems can be traced back to poor communication, resulting in detachment, anger, resentment, attrition and lack of dedication to the company.

5 Tips to Get Your Snail Mail Ads to Work

By Chuck Schneider · March 4, 2019 • Which 10 CE product brand names work best for generating interest in your direct mail? Use these 5 tips to help create successful physical mail advertising.

It’s Time to Get an Electrical License… Now!

By Jason Knott · February 19, 2019 • Smart switches, energy storage, electrical vehicles, clean energy management are all intersecting in the smart home. Integrators can no longer ignore the inevitable need for a line voltage component to their business. Am I wrong?

A Day in the Life of a Remote Service Team

By Jason Knott · January 25, 2019 • Service calls range in complexity — from simple fixes to catastrophic failures — highlighting the need for remote service capabilities to de-escalate clients, determine priority and use the service call as a sales opportunity.

Do You Have a Lunch-Break Policy for Technicians?

By Jason Knott · December 26, 2018 • Integrators cannot force employees to work through lunch, nor can employees opt to waive their lunch break.

Suppliers Better Fix Those ‘Pesky Little Things’ That Aggravate Dealers

By Julie Jacobson · April 25, 2018 • While vendors pour all their energy into fixing "the big ones" like dealer margins, they fail to notice customers drifting away over easy-to-fix annoyances like inconvenient office hours and out-of-date spec sheets.

Most Frustrating Vendors in the Home-Technology Channel

By Julie Jacobson · April 6, 2018 • Integrators complain about big-picture issues like margin and market saturation, but also seemingly small things like: 'They do not put all the parts in the box.'

7 Complaints of Successful Luxury Salespeople

By Jason Knott · April 4, 2018 • Change these seven problems, from spending too much energy on social media to altering product lines, and boost sales by 30%, according to the Luxury Institute.

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