URC is Crushing UEI in Remote-Control Patent-Infringement Claims

By Julie Jacobson · April 1, 2014 • Three of four patent-infringement claims filed by Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) against Universal Control (URC) have been dismissed in summary judgment.

Sonos Reveals Revenues of $535M, Opens Up About Patents

By Julie Jacobson · March 11, 2014 • In an unusual display of transparency, Sonos discusses financial performance, promises early publication of patent applications.

Patent: Treadmill Integrated with Home Automation for Optimal Climate Control

By Julie Jacobson · October 18, 2013 • Patent application filed by Icon Health & Fitness demonstrates a treadmill connected to a home automation system for optimizing temperature, humidity and other climate conditions for every stage of a workout.

UEI Sues URC over 9 Alleged Patent Infringements

By Julie Jacobson · July 8, 2013 • Universal Electronics Inc. files more patent-infringement suits against URC for remotely upgradable remote controls, user interfaces, computer programmable remotes, more. URC claims UEI patents not valid. (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)

Patent: Lutron’s POS Display for Home Automation via Smartphone

By Julie Jacobson · March 28, 2013 • Lutron's patent application describes a merchandising display that enables users to download an app on the spot and then operate wireless lighting controls.

CEA Says No to Patent Trolls

By CE Pro Editors · February 27, 2013 • SHIELD Act would discourage baseless lawsuits by patent trolls, says CEA CEO Gary Shapiro

Patent: Is Crestron Building a Smart Back-up Power Generator?

By Julie Jacobson · February 21, 2013 • Crestron patent application describes a back-up generator that prioritizes loads at the breaker box, sheds non-essential loads.

It’s a Miracle: Patented Technology Makes HDMI CEC Work

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2013 • HydraConnect’s patented HDMI switcher technology enables CEC to be used effectively for device control even with multiple sources and displays from different manufacturers.

Silly Patent: Couch with Remote Control

By Julie Jacobson · November 14, 2012 • Earl Jansen Wiley thinks he can patent a couch that has a remote control embedded in the armrest.

Logitech Files Patent for Remote Control On-Screen Display

By Julie Jacobson · November 8, 2012 • Logitech's patent application for universal remote control shows TV display with dynamic menus that change based on status of A/V devices.

Leviton Scores Big Patent Win on GFCI Technology

By Julie Jacobson · May 7, 2012 • International Trade Commission prohibits importation of ground fault circuit interrupters that infringe on Leviton's patent; bans sale of infringing products already shipped to U.S.

IBM Patent: Multitouch Floor Detects Heart Attacks, Intruders

By Julie Jacobson · April 9, 2012 • The next big thing in security, home automation and digital health technology could be IBM’s multitouch floor that detects family members, falls, intruders and other activity.

UEI Sues URC for Infringing on Remote Control Patents

By Julie Jacobson · March 6, 2012 • Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) seeks injunction against URC for allegedly infringing on patents for remote-control backlighting, IR macros and selecting IR command sets.

SRS Files Patent for Auto-Generating Wiring Diagrams, Labels

By Jason Knott · October 28, 2011 • Simply Reliable Software hopes to license technology behind patent-pending Design Machine, which automatically creates block diagrams, cable schedules and wire labels.

Will Google TV owe Crestron Royalties for Universal Search?

By Julie Jacobson · September 26, 2011 • Crestron's recently filed patent involves searching, prioritizing and playing video, audio and other content stored locally and in the cloud.

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