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Olive Dove

Best and Worst States for Amazon Package Theft

By Jason Knott · March 22, 2019 • Study reveals Wyoming, Vermont and California are the worst states per capita for amazon package theft. Mississippi is the safest. December and November months have highest theft rates.

Test Your CES Knowledge! Take This Short Quiz

By Chuck Schneider · December 11, 2017 • Test your memory banks on past Monster concert headliners, technology debuts, award winners and other past CES tidbits.

CEDIA Find: Olive & Dove’s New Wi-Fi DoorCam Makes You Go ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That?’

By Julie Jacobson · August 8, 2017 • Olive & Dove (formerly Remocam) is introducing a Wi-Fi camera at CEDIA 2017 that installs so simply you might smack your forehead for not thinking of it first.