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Network Security

5 Little Password Tips to Secure Your Clients’ Networks

By Jason Knott · October 31, 2017 • Cybersecurity expert outlines five best ways to create hard-to-crack passwords for home networks.

Luma’s Network Monitoring and Tech Support Service Is Only $5 a Month

By Chelsea Cafiero · July 21, 2017 • Luma Guardian is a low-cost VPN service, antivirus, Internet speed monitor and tech support line all in one. And one-time Dos Equis pitchman, 'Most Interesting Man in the World,' Jonathan Goldsmith will make sure everyone knows it.

Bose ‘Wiretaps’ Users, Mines Personal Data from Wireless Headphone App, Lawsuit Alleges

By Julie Jacobson · April 19, 2017 • Plaintiff Kyle Zak alleges in a class-action lawsuit that Bose spies on wireless headphone users, collecting intensely personal data through Bose Connect app, and shares with data-mining firm Segment.io in violation of Federal Wiretap Act.

Network Management Tools for Dealers

By Advertorial · September 22, 2016 • Everything you need—in one Bakpak.

Best Practices for Network Security: Balancing Protection with Convenience

By Julie Jacobson · June 16, 2015 • With more IoT devices connected to the home network, users should enhance security by limiting unnecessary network access, processes, devices and activities, Pakedge warns in CE Pro Webinar.

Software Protects Mac Computers from Malicious Attacks

By Robert Archer · May 13, 2013 • At one time hackers ignored the small amount of Apple users that populated the computer world. Now with Apple's products as popular as ever, hackers have begun attacking this growing segment of the computing community.

How to Protect Clients from Home Automation Hacker Bots

By Bjorn Jensen · April 22, 2013 • New search engines like Shodan make it easier for hackers to invade everything from home automation systems to traffic lights. Integrators must take network security seriously.

NTW Group Secures RJ45 Connections

By Robert Archer · April 1, 2013 • NTW says its PortBlockers product can protect unauthorized users from using RJ45 inputs and can be employed in environments ranging from corporate and finance, to food and healthcare industries.

Channel Vision H.264 Network Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

By Robert Archer · June 1, 2011 • The company's new line of DVR products offers installers the ability to scale the size their video surveillance systems based on the exact requirements of the client.