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How to Sell Smart Homes to the Middle Market

By Jason Knott · November 14, 2014 • Why integrators should work closely with middle market homeowners to help them choose their smart home technology.

Top 9 Smart Home Devices for Middle-Income Buyers

By Jason Knott · November 10, 2014 • Parks Associates reveals most appealing smart home devices, including motion sensors, security cameras and panic buttons.

3 Reasons to Use Security to Capture Middle-Income Smart Home Buyers

By Jason Knott · November 7, 2014 • Recurring revenue and home automation awareness are among the reasons why you should consider selling smart home security products to middle-income clients.

Capturing Middle-Income Buyers: The New Sweet Spot for Smart Home Sales

By Jason Knott · November 5, 2014 • The middle-income market niche is expected to grow 27% per year and there is a growing awareness of home automation among this group.