Audio-Technica Targets Content Creators With New Bundles

By CE Pro Editors · October 24, 2018 • The new bundles all feature a microphone with mount, ATH-M20x headphones, and a custom boom arm with desk mount.

Revisit All Your Mic and Communications Installs: FCC Auctions Could Kill Them

By Fred Harding · March 7, 2018 • The latest FCC spectrum auction and T-Mobile win could cause trouble for wireless microphone devices in the 600 MHz band.

Hands On: Shure SRH1440 & SRH1840 Headphones

By Robert Archer · June 27, 2012 • Shure’s new SRH1440 and SRH1840 headphones provide users with a professional listening tool that’s friendly with iPhones and other consumer devices.

Shure SRH1440 headphones

By Robert Archer · April 30, 2012 • Shure's new SRH1440 headphones are a cost effective personal audio solution that provides home recording enthusiasts and audiophiles a product that delivers a professional-quality sound experience.