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#TBT: Brands That Fell in with the Wrong Crowd

By Chuck Schneider · March 19, 2015 • Acoustic Research, Dual, Nakamichi, Soundcraftsmen are among the brands that fell in with the wrong crowd.

Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player Provides Wallet-Friendly Digital Audio Streaming

By Robert Archer · January 19, 2015 • The NA6005 Network Audio Player from Marantz is capable of playing DSD2.8MHz, DSD5.6MHz, 24-bit/192kHz FLAC, 24-bit/192kHz WAV, AIFF and Apple Lossless audio files, and it offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless options for $649.

Marantz 11.2-Channel AV8802 Amplifier Features Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D

By Rachel Cericola · December 29, 2014 • AV8802 has 3D sound options as well as WiFi, Bluetooth and 32bit/192kHz DA-Converters.

Hands On: Dolby Atmos a Game Changer in Home Theater Market

By Robert Archer · October 15, 2014 • Peter Tribeman, President and founder of Atlantic Technology, demonstrates why Dolby’s latest format represents sales opportunities for dealers.

Marantz Pre/Pro Includes Dolby Atmos

By Robert Archer · October 6, 2014 • The newly announced AV7702 A/V preamplifier from Marantz features the latest Dolby technologies, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other home entertainment options.

Marantz HD-DAC1 Headphone Amp Features Integrated DAC

By Rachel Cericola · September 25, 2014 • Marantz promises the same amplification technologies as the popular Premium 11 Series for HD-DAC1, its first headphone amplifier featuring an integrated digital analog converter.

Marantz Receivers Priced at Mid-Market Levels

By Robert Archer · August 8, 2014 • The full-featured SR7009 and SR6009 A/V receivers incorporate 9.2-channels and 7.2 channels of amplification each respectively, and other options that include Bluetooth and Audyssey automatic equalization.

Marantz Network AV Receiver Series Incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

By Rachel Cericola · June 23, 2014 • Newly announced SR5009 also has 4K support, eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs.

CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis: A/V Receivers

By Robert Archer · June 6, 2014 • Integra, Sony lead the way in the most used A/V receiver brands in the 2014 CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis.

Marantz SR Network Receivers Deliver Audiophile Performance

By Robert Archer · June 6, 2013 • The new Marantz SR5008, SR6008 and SR7008 A/V receivers incorporate HDAM amplifier technologies, as well as design upgrades to the receivers' binding posts and DACs.

Marantz NR1504, NR1604 Receivers Focus on Networking

By Rachel Cericola · April 3, 2013 • The Marantz 5-channel NR1504 and the 7-channel NR1604 bring a lot to home theater systems, including a multitude of digital devices, 3D pass-through and 4K support.

Marantz Processor Offers 11.2 Surround, AirPlay, Audyssey EQ

By Robert Archer · December 14, 2012 • The popular electronics manufacturer Marantz has introduced a new flagship preamplifier/processor and the company says the new AV8801 delivers to installers a solution that is capable of reproducing an 11.2 surround sound experience.

Denon Custom Install Training Manager Wins Powerball

By Julie Jacobson · December 10, 2012 • Matthew Good says he’ll keep job as D&M/Denon custom-installation training manager after collecting $192 million from Arizona Powerball jackpot.

Conselette Self-Contained Speaker Offers Marantz Style, Quality

By Julie Jacobson · September 9, 2012 • High-end powered speaker provides add-on sales opportunities.

Marantz Slimline A/V Receivers

By Robert Archer · May 31, 2012 • The newly announced Marantz NR1403 and NR1603 incorporate a selection of user friendly features to facilitate A/V in spaces that normally couldn't fit an A/V receiver.

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