Control4 to Dealers: Exploit Amazon Alexa for Smart-Home Success

By CE Pro Editors · May 6, 2019 • Amazon Alexa and Google Home are driving the smart home business growth. Use that to your advantage, advises Control4's Brad Hintze.

Aim High Audio’s ‘Big Show’ Draws 200

By CE Pro Editors · June 28, 2013 • Manufacturer's rep Aim High Audio's 'The Big Show' regional training and product event brings 200 integrators to Nashville.

Peerless-AV Says Moving Manufacturing Back to U.S. Pays Off

By Jason Knott · September 4, 2012 • Peerless-AV's shift of its mount manufacturing business from China back to the U.S. costs about 10% more, but eliminates intellectual property and supply chain concerns.

Is There a Growing ‘China Backlash’ from Customers?

By Jason Knott · February 24, 2012 • One manufacturer issues talking points for its dealers after a report of a client refusing to purchase China-source products. Is this a trend?

SoCal Rep Clarity Hires Scott Wilson

By CE Pro Editors · September 2, 2011 • Southern California independent rep firm Clarity Business Group has hires former rep and Kaleidescape executive.

Bad Time to be Independent Rep?

By Jason Knott · September 1, 2011 • Four major manufacturers have consolidated or dumped their reps in the past two months. What's going on?

Morris Tait Associates Rep Firm Adds to Sales Team

By CE Pro Editors · August 26, 2011 • Industry veterans John MacDonald and Scott Wallis join manufacturers' rep in Southern California, Las Vegas and Arizona.

Leon Speakers’ Campaign Earns ADDY Awards

By Arlen Schweiger · February 25, 2011 • The custom loudspeaker company has taken the first of three steps in the national competition by winning two local awards for its successful 'I am Leon' ad campaign.