Major Appliances

Bosch, Thermador Open Smart-Appliance APIs for Home Automation Integration

By Julie Jacobson · March 19, 2019 • BSH opens Home Connect APIs for integrating Bosch, Thermador and Siemens smart appliances with third-party home-automation systems and culinary service providers.

‘Cordless Kitchen’ Gets Real this Year with 2.2kw Qi for Appliances

By Julie Jacobson · February 26, 2019 • KBIS/IBS 2019: The Qi wireless power standard for cellphones gets a wattage upgrade to power kitchen appliances with no cords, but prices could be steep.

6 Key Features Consumers Want in Smart Appliances

By Jason Knott · December 28, 2018 • Whirlpool consumer study reveals improved efficiency and reduction in water usage, electrical usage, and waste are the most desired benefits from smart appliances.

$155 DEAL - GE’s New Smart Microwave with Scan-to-Cook, Alexa Voice Control

By Julie Jacobson · July 17, 2018 • New smart microwave from GE Appliances offered at $125 with free Amazon Echo Dot - just scan the box for automatic cooking, or 'add 30 seconds' with voice controls. And the GE guy in charge? Last name: Stover.

GE Appliances Launches SmartHome Solutions for Deep Learning of Major Appliances

By CE Pro Editors · December 15, 2017 • New SmartHome Solutions group within GE Appliances will use IoT connectivity, voice control and deep learning to better manage and enjoy kitchens and other key spaces.

Is Vizio Getting Into Kitchen Appliances and Home Electronics?

By Julie Jacobson · March 24, 2016 • Vizio Inc. has filed trademark applications for washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, LED light bulbs and other home and kitchen appliances. Could the TV maker become the next Haier? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Whirlpool’s Vision of the Future Kitchen is ‘Unreal’

By Julie Jacobson · January 20, 2014 • Whirlpool demo at CES 2014 shows magical stovetop that transforms into email station, inventories groceries and more, but what’s behind the curtain?

Report: Still No Smart Appliances or Energy Monitoring

By Julie Jacobson · February 16, 2012 • ABI research suggests 24 million smart appliances and 36 million home energy management systems (HEMS) will ship by 2017.

The Smart and Not-So-Smart Appliances at CEDIA

By Julie Jacobson · September 27, 2011 • Samsung's hum-drum WiFi-enabled refrigerator/freezer eliminates magnets, while Sub-Zero shows full integration with Control4 home automation plus a new kosher mode.

Sub-Zero May Have First Viable Plan for Smart Appliances

By Julie Jacobson · January 6, 2011 • Luxury appliance brand shows integration with Control4 home control system via ZigBee wireless technology; some 30 models of major appliances already automation-enabled.

GE First with ZigBee Smart Energy Appliances

By Julie Jacobson · May 18, 2010 • GE Appliances & Lighting will introduce major appliances with built-in ZigBee technology for communication with smart meters and the smart grid, but they won't connect to the smart home ... yet.

CE GUI Designer Shows Interface for Smart Refrigerator

By Julie Jacobson · May 7, 2010 • Guifx, which began life as a home systems integrator, shows fridge/freezer interface at Embedded World; GE calls to learn more.