Poll: Did Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Get It Right?

By Robert Archer · December 17, 2018 • The 34th Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony presented by Klipsch Audio will place the 2019 class that includes The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music and The Zombies into the hall. CE Pro's Bob Archer says that it's time to put the election power solely in the hands of the people that count the most: the fans.

Totem Acoustic Demonstrates Kin Mini Flex Speakers at Montreal Audiofest

By Robert Archer · June 20, 2018 • During the Montreal Audiofest, a Totem Acoustic Kin Mini Flex home theater demonstration showed how the $400 speaker system could reproduce video game, movie and concert content.

Wilson Audio Founder Dave Wilson Dies at 74

By Jason Knott · May 29, 2018 • Dave Wilson, founder of Wilson Audio, makers of uber-expensive, highly stylized freestanding audiophile loudspeakers, passes away from cancer.

Alcons CRMSC-SRHV Pro-Ribbon Reference Surround Meets Studio, Screening Room and Home Theater Goals

By Robert Archer · January 26, 2018 • Taking technologies from its commercial products, Alcons CRMSC-SRHV Pro-Ribbon Reference Surround delivers professional levels of clarity.

Mitch Witten: New SVS Wireless Speakers Made for ‘True Listening’ and ‘Immersive’ Audio

By Jason Knott · January 17, 2018 • SVS aims to move wireless audio beyond mere background music with DTS Play-Fi-based $499 Prime Wireless speakers and $399 Soundbase integrated amp, introduced at CES 2018.

Soundcast Beefs Up VGX Series, Brings DTS Play-Fi Outdoors

By Arlen Schweiger · January 10, 2018 • Wireless audio systems provider Soundcast added 3 loudspeakers and an accessory device to its VGX Series during CES 2018, including the Bluetooth and DTS Play-Fi enabled VG10 that it calls the first outdoor DTS Play-Fi speaker.

KEF and Marcel Wanders Collaborate on Special Edition LS50W Loudspeaker

By Robert Archer · January 9, 2018 • Working with the designer Marcel Wanders, KEF has introduced its special edition LS50W loudspeaker.

James Loudspeaker 42SA-4 Small Aperture Speaker Fits into Shallow Walls and Ceilings

By Robert Archer · January 8, 2018 • The multi-driver 42SA-4 small aperture speaker from James Loudspeaker enables integrators to offer nearly invisible audio solutions through the speaker's ability to fit into a three-inch opening.

Klipsch Brings new Horn Designs to Reference RF-7 III and RC-64 III Speakers

By Robert Archer · December 15, 2017 • Klipsch's newly redesigned Reference RF- 7 III and RC-64 III speakers incorporate new tweeter and horn designs to provide homeowners with improved sonic performance.

New Terra Speakers are ‘Pretty Dead’ Thanks to Concrete, Recycled Materials

By Robert Archer · December 8, 2017 • LEED-friendly cabinets made of concrete and recycled materials make Terra's new Katahdin speakers "pretty dead" for audio, and pretty good for the environment.

Totem Acoustic Signature One Celebrates Company ‘Comeback’ for 30th Anniversary

By Robert Archer · November 16, 2017 • The newly available Totem Acoustic Signature One 30th Anniversary loudspeaker represents the company's history and overall design goals.

9 BEST Loudspeakers of 2017

By CE Pro Editors · November 9, 2017 • Bluesound, Leon Speakers, SVS, Stealth Acoustics, Triad, and Dynaudio tie for different sub-category recognition in the Loudspeakers category during 2017's CE Pro BEST Awards.

Klipsch Reference Powered Speakers: ‘Easiest Set-up on the Planet’

By Robert Archer · October 27, 2017 • New Reference series powered speakers from Klipsch include R-14PM monitor and R-28PF floorstanding models.

Paradigm Home of the Year Audio and Loudspeakers Projects Showcase

By CE Pro Editors · September 1, 2017 • You’ll see Paradigm speakers tucked seamlessly into ceilings and stationed elegantly on bookshelves. In the photos of other award-winning homes you’ll barely notice them as they blend in beautifully with the backyard landscape. And who can forget about the home theater. Paradigm speakers are featured here, as well, delivering the most advanced surround-sound formats to the enjoyment of its listeners.

Offer Your Customers an Exceptional, Repeatable Hi-Res Audio Experience

By Advertorial · May 22, 2017 • Meridian’s entirely new custom-install line-up of high-resolution audio solutions are easy to install and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

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