Two New LiteTouch Keypad Styles Pair Exquisite Styling with Enhanced Functionality

By CE Pro Editors · August 16, 2010 • LiteTouch announced that the company will debut two new keypad styles at the upcoming CEDIA Expo in Atlanta September 22 – 26.

LiteTouch New Remote Base Antenna adds RF Expansion Capabilities

By CE Pro Editors · August 3, 2010 • Add Multiple Base Antennas to increase RF Range 200 ft, per antenna plus allow for System Expansion of up to 256 Hybrid Wall Box Dimmers and Lamp Modules.

LiteTouch Announces New Digital News Portal

By CE Pro Editors · July 21, 2010 • "The LiteTouch Journal" Accommodates Pace of New Product Launches, Technical Announcements, and Other Company News

LiteTouch Introduces Online Design Center

By CE Pro Editors · July 6, 2010 • New Online Design Resource is an Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Printed Spec Binders for Architects, Lighting Designers & Interior Designers.

LiteTouch System

By Brillon · June 25, 2010 • The LiteTouch System is a central/home-run & conventional Cat5 whole-home system for new construction projects.

LiteTouch Wireless

By CE Pro Editors · June 25, 2010 • The LiteTouch Wireless System is the wireless whole-home system for retrofit projects.

LiteTouch Neo

By CE Pro Editors · June 25, 2010 • The LiteTouch Neo is a powerfully simple wall box lighting control for small systems or single rooms.

LiteTouch Scenario

By CE Pro Editors · June 25, 2010 • Looking for Single Room Lighting Control for your important room? LiteTouch Scenario may be just what you need -- a wall box lighting control for your important room.

LiteTouch Releases Major Software Upgrade

By CE Pro Editors · May 28, 2010 • New LiteWare4.0 Delivers Time Saving System Design & Powerful Programming Solutions

LiteTouch 5000LC Central Control Unit

By CE Pro Editors · April 9, 2010 • The 5000LC is quite simply the most powerful lighting control CCU available on the market today. There’s virtually nothing this top-of-the-line LiteTouch CCU can’t control. The 5000LC can control up to 256 Keypads, 256 Control Modules and 2,048 independent loads.

LiteTouch Standard Lighting Control CCU

By CE Pro Editors · April 7, 2010 • The Standard is perfect for the many residential and commercial installations that require timing, random vacation mode, scene pre-sets, plus motor control, security, HVAC and A/V integration. It can control up to 256 Keypads, 100 Control Modulesand 800 independent loads.

LiteTouch Compact Lighting Control CCU

By Brillon · April 1, 2010 • The Compact can do everything the Standard can do, just on a smaller scale. It can control up to 40 Keypads, 40 Control Modules and 320 independent loads.

LiteTouch, Inc. Sponsors Green-Built & Resource-Efficient Demonstration Home

By CE Pro Editors · March 17, 2010 • Vision House Aspen 2010 debuts March 25 with LiteTouch lighting control system plus many other products and features covering all areas of green building and efficiency.

LiteTouch Releases New Hybrid Lamp Module

By CE Pro Editors · January 12, 2010 • Expanding Powerful LiteTouch Lighting Control to Table & Floor Lamps

Are You Afraid of Automation Startups?

By Julie Jacobson · November 10, 2009 • Hopefully, Colorado vNet's issues won't put CE pros off automation start-ups. That would be bad.

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