Crestron Files Countersuit Against Savant Systems

By CE Pro Editors · June 17, 2011 • Crestron claims Savant's "unlawful business practices" in the home automation industry are "unprecedented and disruptive to the industry."

Savant vs. Crestron: Get the Court Documents Here

By Julie Jacobson · June 3, 2011 • Download some of the key documents in the Savant's lawsuit against Crestron for alleged antitrust and other violations.

Savant vs. Crestron: Inside the Legal Documents

By Julie Jacobson · June 3, 2011 • Savant says Crestron has "continued its anti-competitive, unfair and deceptive conduct" while Crestron claims its residential sales are down 32% in the past 6 months.

Savant vs. Crestron: Home Automation Antitrust Case Proceeds

By CE Pro Editors · May 26, 2011 • Savant says Crestron violated antitrust laws by coercing dealers; Case proceeds as Court denies Crestron’s motion to dismiss. Does fair use doctrine apply?

Savant Lays out Claims Against Crestron in Court Documents

By CE Pro Editors · September 25, 2010 • In Savant v. Crestron, Savant shows sales sheet allegedly produced by Crestron saying, "Remember, you can't be a Crestron dealer and also sell Savant products!"

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