Joe Whitaker

Smart-Home Dealer Drops Amazon Echo on Doorsteps, Gets Control4 Business

By Julie Jacobson · April 21, 2017 • Smart-home specialist and CEDIA board member Joe Whitaker of The Thoughtful Home closes Control4 and other home automation deals after leaving Amazon Alexa on select doorsteps. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Keep the Power, Lose the Electrician: New UL-Friendly Solution Delivers Power over Speaker Wire

By Julie Jacobson · September 19, 2016 • From 110v and back again: Joe Whitaker’s latest invention lets integrators put wireless speakers or TVs in the wall without calling an electrician – all within UL and CE guidelines. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

CEDIA Board Freshman Joe Whitaker: Wax On

By Julie Jacobson · September 5, 2014 • In our series of "Meet the Freshmen CEDIA Board Members," CE Pro contributor, integrator and product designer Joe Whitaker explains where all that humility comes from.

How to: Building a Whole-House Guitar Distribution System

By Julie Jacobson · February 15, 2012 • Integrator uses standard multiroom audio system and some simple but clever engineering to distribute guitar riffs throughout the house.

Review: ‘Awesome’; New HDMI/Audio Switcher for Control4

By Joe Whitaker · December 2, 2011 • Built for Control4 home automation systems, HydraConnect has high-end HDMI switching features offered by the “other guys” but provides unique twist with audio and CEC control.

3D Manager Turns Old TVs into 3D-Capable Sets

By Joe Whitaker · March 22, 2011 • Don't toss those old TVs! Distribute 3D content to dozens of legacy HDTV sets -- even models that predate 3D -- with the new 3D Manager from Just Add Power. Just add decoder, receiver, IR emitter and glasses.

Exclusive: Freestanding Stealth Speaker, No Ugly Grille Cloth

By Joe Whitaker · December 3, 2010 • Stealth Acoustics introduces first line of freestanding speakers that disappear behind wood and paintable finishes, just like the company's hidden in-walls.

The End of Traditional Remotes & Touchscreens Not All Bad

By Joe Whitaker · November 29, 2010 • Maybe consumers won't pay for our dedicated home automation touchscreens anymore, but vendors are bringing out profitable products for iOS and Android lovers.

Exclusive Review: Sony 5600ES Receiver With 4-Port Switch

By Joe Whitaker · September 8, 2010 • Integrator reviews Sony's $1,999 STR-DA5600ES receiver: excellent audio, flawless 3D pass-through, useful 4-port Ethernet switch, perfect Control4 integration, flawed Zone 2 config.