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Joe Kane

LG PX950 plasma televisions

By Robert Archer · December 6, 2010 • The popular consumer electronics manufacturer has been a long-time supporter of THX performance standards and its latest plasma TVs provide consumers with a choice of 3D products that are THX certified.

Review: Samsung SP-A900B Projector

By Robert Archer · April 1, 2010 • There's nothing to complain about. A die-hard videophile might cite its lack of motorized lens adjustments and price, but that's nitpicking.

Joe Kane Explains 2-Projector Anamorphic Theater Concept

By Robert Archer · February 23, 2010 • Joe Kane explains why his two-projector approach is a valid solution for no-compromise anamorphic home theater systems.

Creating CinemaScope With 2 Projectors

By Robert Archer · February 1, 2010 • Joe Kane says installers can offer anamorphic solutions without adding an external lens or processing.