Are Your Security PIRs Smart Enough for IoT Applications?

By Eric Micko · September 25, 2015 • Not all motion sensing PIRs are the same. Some are strictly useful for security detection purposes and can limit an integrator's ability to deploy a workable Internet of Things (IoT) system. Here are 5 key features to look for in sensors.

Sony, LG, Honeywell, Others Finalize New IoT Smart Home Interface Standard

By Jason Knott · September 4, 2015 • As part of the AllSeen Alliance, Electrolux, Haier, Honeywell, LG Electronics, Lowe’s, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony have unveiled the new Home Appliances and Entertainment Service Framework standard using AllJoyn open source software for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Q&A: IoT, Pyng and the Latest from Crestron

By CE Pro Editors · August 24, 2015 • In this Q&A with CE Pro, discover the latest from Crestron, including IoT technology, Pyng, Home Elements, and more.

CE Pro Summit: Wireless Protocols Holding Back Internet of Things (IoT) Growth

By Jason Knott · August 19, 2015 • At the CE Pro Summit, CEA executive delves into future business models revolving around the Internet of Things (IoT) and how too many wireless networks are hampering its growth.

Are Home Robots Ready to Play in Internet of Things?

By CE Pro Editors · July 22, 2015 • Home robots have the functionality to do everything from mob the floors to clean the gutters, but the next generation may become integration friendly thanks to location precision and UWB communications.

7 Ways Integrators Can Improve Operational Efficiency Using Remote Power Devices

By Joe Holland · June 8, 2015 • Remote power devices not only open up potential revenue streams, but reduce truck rolls, make service calls shorter and help create a 'health log' for every system in the field.

With Parse for IoT, Facebook Could Have the Next HomeKit Home Automation Platform

By Julie Jacobson · March 31, 2015 • Facebook subsidiary Parse has launched an IoT SDK for cloud-enabling IP devices, and eventually could link all these newly smart devices with cloud-based rules engines a la HomeKit or IFTTT.

Z-Wave Fires More Salvos at Nest-Led Thread IoT Initiative

By Julie Jacobson · July 29, 2014 • Z-Wave Alliance chairman Mark Walters reiterates Thread-enabled home automation initiative lacks important app-layer compatibility, adds unnecessary security burden, won't garner interoperable IoT products anytime soon.

Led by Nest, ‘Thread’ for Home Automation is Most Promising IoT Standard Yet

By Julie Jacobson · July 15, 2014 • Thread Group, launched today by Nest, Big Ass Fans, Yale and major chip makers, presents mesh network for 6LoWPAN; millions of deployments in the field already via Nest Weave.

Control4 Adds IoT Sensor Maker to Board

By Julie Jacobson · May 20, 2014 • Jeremy Jaech, CEO of SNUPI, whose wireless/powerline technology is used for Wally IoT sensor system, named to Control4 (CTRL) board of directors.

Questions I’ll Ask 28 Companies at Parks’ Connections Conference (A-L)

By Julie Jacobson · May 9, 2014 • Parks Associates' Connections conference next week will feature the who’s who of Internet of Things, home automation, wireless technology, cloud services (HAas), home security and more. Here’s what I plan to ask 28 of the companies including AT&T, Belkin Wemo, Cisco, Quirky and more.

GreenWave Reality Shifts Biz from IoT Devices to Home Automation Services

By Julie Jacobson · May 8, 2014 • Now called GreenWave Systems, the company formerly known as GreenWave Reality is done with 6LoWPAN Internet of Things (IoT) bulbs and switches, focusing instead on software and cloud-based services for IoT deployment.

Prodea Offers ROS Internet of Things Connected Home Platform

By CE Pro Editors · April 17, 2014 • Prodea, founded by the Ansari family of Ansari X Prize fame, says its ROS home automation system "has little to no direct competition."

BitWise Adds Nest Thermostats to Home Automation Library

By CE Pro Editors · February 24, 2014 • BitWise home automation controllers now integrate with Nest thermostats; Interface is generated automatically, mimicking the look of Nest.

Hammacher’s DIY Lighting Control Screams, ‘Come Hack Me!’

By Julie Jacobson · February 12, 2014 • Hammacher Schlemmer advertises $150 Internet-of-Things light and appliance controller that requires wireless router with port forwarding.

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