On Google, Nest and Home Automation: ‘This Changes Everything’

By Julie Jacobson · January 14, 2014 • Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs likely to have greater impact on home automation than Lowe's Iris, Comcast/Xfinity, ADT Pulse, ZigBee, Z-Wave, other smart-home initiatives, says CE Pro's Julie Jacobson.

CES 2014: How Many Smart Home Platforms Does LG Need?

By Julie Jacobson · January 1, 2014 • On WebOS, Qualcomm's AllJoyn and AllSeen Alliance, HomeChat and a hazy 'Internet of Things' smart home consortium with Cisco, ABB and Bosch: What is LG thinking? We shall see at CES 2014.

10 Biggest CE Stories of 2013: Control4, IoT, iControl,, Plasma, More

By Julie Jacobson · December 30, 2013 • In 2013, Lutron launched RF products for DIY, Internet of Things for the smart home took off, Control4 went public, 6 top dealers formed Via, Plasma died, 4K Ultra HD thrived, hacker bots disrupted home automation.

Technology Leaders Establish the AllSeen Alliance to Advance the ‘Internet of Everything’

By CE Pro Editors · December 11, 2013 • Haier, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, Silicon Image, TP-LINK and more unite to enable interoperability across multiple devices, systems and services and support broadest cross-industry effort to accelerate Internet of Everything

5 Things @ CEDIA: Bjorn Jensen Seeks Internet of Things, Thor, Eye Candy

By Bjorn Jensen · September 18, 2013 • CE Pro Blog Mobster Bjorn Jensen shares five things he hopes to see at CEDIA Expo 2013, like Thor's hammer sub from TruAudio. It's a Scandinavian thing.

Honeywell Announces Cloud-Based Open API for Wi-Fi Thermostats

By Julie Jacobson · September 11, 2013 • Tapping the Internet of Things, Honeywell’s Comfort Control API for WiFi thermostats will hasten integration with pro & DIY home automation systems such as Control4, Lutron, Smartthings, ifttt, others.

Piper DIY Security/Home Automation Camera is Way Smarter than Canary

By Julie Jacobson · August 22, 2013 • Debuting on Indiegogo, Blacksumac's Piper packs cloud-enabled security, Z-Wave home automation, clever video camera, and multiple sensors into standalone DIY device; CE Pro's Julie Jacobson says it beats crowdfunding darling Canary.

Savant Taps Internet of Things for Mainstream Lighting Control and Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · August 20, 2013 • Known for high-end Apple-based home automation systems, Savant is releasing standalone SmartLighting Wi-Fi switches and keypads employing the Internet of Things for iOS devices. (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)

Prediction: Nest Will Open API, Integrate with Home Automation by CEDIA 2013

By Julie Jacobson · July 24, 2013 • CE Pro's Julie Jacobson is calling it: Famously proprietary Nest thermostats will have an open API and two-way integration with home automation by CEDIA Expo 2013 in September.

Microsoft Takes Another Stab at Home Automation, Launches Lab of Things

By Julie Jacobson · July 19, 2013 • Microsoft's Lab of Things software is collaboration tool for researchers to launch home automation trials, not necessarily a platform for commercial deployment. (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)

25 Home Automation Projects on Crowdfunding: A Roundup

By Julie Jacobson · July 10, 2013 • How 25 smart home projects are faring on Kickstarter and elsewhere: smart bulbs, smart locks, energy management and other home automation (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)

3 Cool Home Automation Projects on Crowdfunding: HVAC, IoT, Smart Lights

By Julie Jacobson · June 27, 2013 • Crowd-funded home automation projects include smart vents from Keen Home, RGB Christmas lights from Lumenplay, IoT ecosystem from WigWag. (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)

Lutron Takes to the Cloud, Cozies Up to Security

By Julie Jacobson · June 3, 2013 • Lutron works with via the cloud, integrates with Honeywell thermostats with a native RF protocol.

13 Smart LED Bulbs: The Future of Lighting Control?

By Julie Jacobson · March 15, 2013 • Are smart bulbs and sockets the best approach for lighting control? We have pros and cons plus 13 products implementing WiFi/Internet of Things, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth.

Extreme Fitness: Internet of Things Spoils Food if You Don’t Exercise

By Julie Jacobson · February 12, 2013 • IoT and fitness geek explains how to integrate FitBit Tracker with Belkin WeMo switch to turn off the refrigerator if he doesn't get off his butt.

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