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How a ‘Custom’ Integrator Hangs a TV

By Julie Jacobson · March 23, 2018 • Client wanted to replace an old rear-projection TV with a 65-inch OLED. Here’s how a home-technology professional does it. Take THAT, hang-and-bangers!

Asking the Right Questions for the Perfect Lighting Installation

By Advertorial · May 24, 2017 • Or in short: How to become a lighting expert within 1 hour.

No Better Way Than This to Become a Professional Installer

By Advertorial · April 20, 2017 • Webinar invitation: “Electrical and Installation Considerations for Installers”.

KNX Association Invites You to ISE 2017 for FREE!

By Advertorial · January 18, 2017 • Integrated Systems Europe with KNX – more than just any exhibition.

Checklist for Installers

By Advertorial · November 2, 2016 • Step-by-Step Project Management – Part 1: Start of the Project

New Guide Educates Consumers on Which Smart Tech Amenities Boost Home Value

By CE Pro Editors · October 14, 2016 • New free downloadable guide from Electronic House is designed for integrators to give to consumer prospects so they can learn about the latest smart home trends, and understand the value of hiring a pro vs. tackling it on their own.