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Damson Claims First Dolby Atmos Wireless Audio System with Compact, Modular Components

By Julie Jacobson · November 28, 2017 • Damson's super-compact, wireless S-Series can grow from a single soundbar to full Dolby Atmos or multiroom audio, thanks to modular design, auto-calibration, low-latency JetStreamNet technology. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

What are the Odds New Honeywell DIY Smart Home Hub Has Z-Wave, Alexa, Cellular? [UPDATED]

By Julie Jacobson · October 25, 2017 • Honeywell to launch new 'Smart Security' system on Indiegogo. We guess what's inside the home-automation hub including Z-Wave and 345 Mhz radios. Updated: Perhaps a Lyric Security Controller in new form factor? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Soap Opera: A Confessional on Indiegogo Home Automation Project

By Julie Jacobson · February 1, 2015 • 'Comeback kid' Alex Jones bares soul: from drug addiction, bankruptcy, fleeing the country and recovery to three-time crowd-funding "success" with Soap Home Automation router.

Indiegogo Slips up on Soap Home Automation, But ...

By Julie Jacobson · January 23, 2015 • Indiegogo allows Soap Inc. to launch a third campaign, even though founder Alex Jones declared bankruptcy after original Kickstarter campaign.

Exclusive on Soap Home Automation: A Gutsy 3rd Crowd-Funding Campaign

By Julie Jacobson · January 21, 2015 • After raising $300k on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Soap goes for third campaign, raising money to fulfill back-orders for home automation routers; CE Pro talks to Soap Inc. board member Chris Lundwall.

Webee Promises True ‘Learning’ Home Automation System at CEDIA 2014

By Julie Jacobson · July 31, 2014 • Indiegogo-funded Webee says it learns better than Nest, always tracking the home to adjust lights, thermostats, A/V gear, other smart home devices without programming. Debuts at CEDIA Expo 2014.

In Depth: Canary Smart Camera Has Sensors, Alerts, Siren, No Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · July 22, 2013 • Canary's Smart WiFi security camera, now on Indiegogo, sends alerts upon motion detection and temperature swings; users can view the surveillance and take action. No home automation though (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)