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IMAGE Screens

StJohn Group Names New Manufacturer Reps

By Robert Archer · March 22, 2011 • Following termination of 16 of its reps last fall, the Bellingham, Wash.-based importer/distributor reboots its salesforce for Image Screens, Artcoustic, Cabasse and Cineversum.

IMAGE Screens Cadre Manual Masque Projection Screen

By Robert Archer · March 4, 2011 • The company's new screen products offer home theater enthusiasts with a more cost-friendly solution to address their multi-aspect content watching needs.

StJohn Group Terminates 16 Rep Firms

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2010 • StJohn Group terminates 16 of 18 authorized rep firms, calling the move a "wake-up call" to ignite some innovative thinking to find new ways to grow sales.