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Home Acoustics Alliance

Calibration Equals Cash: Offering Professional Calibration Can Set Integrators Apart

By Robert Archer · April 3, 2018 • Audio and video system calibration provides integrators with the opportunity to differentiate their installations from mass-market competitors. Calibration also provides additional revenue opportunities that dealers can use to bolster their businesses.

THX Partners with Home Acoustics Alliance to Bring Audio Calibration Training to Dealers

By Robert Archer · August 1, 2016 • THX and the Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) have developed an audio curriculum to train custom installers through a choice of training programs that span one to three days.

Acoustical Experts Cite Home Theater’s Biggest Problems

By Robert Archer · March 7, 2016 • Home theaters are not turnkey, plug-and-play systems, but with some careful planning installers can maximize clients' experiences regardless of their budgets.

Guide to Bringing the Studio Experience Home with Acoustics

By Robert Archer · August 27, 2015 • In order for homeowners to enjoy the same levels of sound quality, professional musicians dealers must address the environmental impact.

Earthworks M30BX Measurement Mic Complements RTA Apps

By Robert Archer · June 30, 2014 • Using training from organizations such as the Home Acoustics Alliance and THX, electronics professionals can utilize the professional-grade, battery-powered M30BX measurement microphone to accurately measure and calibrate audio system installations.

How to Sell (and Adequately Charge for) Acoustics

By CE Pro Editors · May 12, 2014 • Industry leaders share their strategies on how to make the most out of acoustics sales.

HAA Calibration Kit Works with Apple iOS Devices

By Robert Archer · January 3, 2013 • The Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) has teamed up with the AV Pro Alliance and Studio Six Digital to create the HAA Certified Professional Audio Analysis Kit to provide electronics professionals with a package that supports their ability to properly set up and measure an audio system.

How Furniture Plays Major Role in Acoustic Design

By Robert Archer · August 7, 2012 • In addition to room dimensions, construction materials and speaker placement, furniture also plays a role in room acoustics. Gerry Lemay, founder of the Home Acoustics Alliance, explains how.

Quest Acoustical Interiors QALS room acoustics solution

By Robert Archer · September 7, 2011 • The Midwestern company's new Quest Acoustical Lens System is engineered to optimize the performance of residential multichannel and two-channel audio systems.

CEDIA Updates: Pre Show News and Notes

By Robert Archer · September 23, 2010 • The HAA revises its curriculum, SpeakerCraft broadens its market share; Lutron offers energy savings and Meridian hones its message