Honeywell Lyric T-Series Thermostat Designed with Installers in Mind

By Robert Archer · November 2, 2016 • Honeywell's Lyric T6 Pro Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible with Apple's HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Stringify and other automation platforms.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: I’ll Build a Simple AI to Run My Home

By Tim Albright · July 1, 2016 • Zuckerberg wants his home to be run by artificial intelligence (AI). His R&D could aid mainstream automation awareness, but also spell trouble in the long run for the custom integration business.

Apple Announces Dedicated Home App for iOS 10

By Chelsea Cafiero · June 14, 2016 • With Apple's new Home app for iOS 10, all smart home devices supporting HomeKit will be one swipe away. The app also includes new categories of gadgets such as surveillance cameras.

August Home Releases New Doorbell Cam Supporting Apple HomeKit

By CE Pro Editors · June 14, 2016 • August Home's new doorbell camera will support Apple HomeKit, the new Home app as well as Siri voice commands.

Survey: Amazon Echo Open Platform Gets More Buzz than Apple, Google Home Control

By CE Pro Editors · March 2, 2016 • Argus Insights survey points to Amazon Echo as the most discussed smart home ecosystem, with Apple’s HomeKit program following in close second.

Integrators on Apple TV 4: Bluetooth ‘Headache’, 4K Questions, Hush on HomeKit, TOSLink Snub

By Julie Jacobson · September 10, 2015 • Home technology integrators respond to Apple TV new. Control via Bluetooth, IR and HDMI CEC gets mixed reviews; no word on HomeKit, home automation, 4K.

Hands On: Lutron Homekit-Compatible Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Controls Lights with Siri

By Grant Clauser · June 22, 2015 • Grant Clauser set up and reviewed the Lutron Caseta Wireless system, which is compatible with Apple Homekit. Read his step-by-step account of the home automation lighting control solution.

Approaches to Home Automation Protocols and Implications for the Custom Install Channel

By Dean Roddey · June 19, 2015 • Charmed Quark principal Dean Roddey presents the elements of a home automation protocol, the opportunities and pitfalls for any given approach, and the implications for the professional integration channel.

GE to Produce Color-Changing LED Light Bulbs for HomeKit

By Rachel Cericola · June 3, 2015 • GE's smart bulbs will work with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform and feature its Align technology. The lighting can be automated based on sleep cycles, with brighter bluer tones in the morning and an amber light in the evening. With HomeKit, users can control the bulbs using Siri and link them to other connected home devices.

Lutron Caseta First with HomeKit Home Automation Hardware

By Jason Knott · June 2, 2015 • Using Apple HomeKit, Lutron Caséta wireless lighting and Serena shades, via Smart Bridge home automation gateway, can now be controlled using Siri voice commands.

With Parse for IoT, Facebook Could Have the Next HomeKit Home Automation Platform

By Julie Jacobson · March 31, 2015 • Facebook subsidiary Parse has launched an IoT SDK for cloud-enabling IP devices, and eventually could link all these newly smart devices with cloud-based rules engines a la HomeKit or IFTTT.

5 Things to Know About Apple HomeKit

By Grant Clauser · March 30, 2015 • There are still plenty of questions around Apple HomeKit. Here are some answers.

Z-Wave Chairman on SmartThings, HomeKit, Thread, 6LoWPAN, ISE 2015

By Julie Jacobson · February 5, 2015 • Z-Wave Alliance Chief Mark Walters chats about SmartThings joining Z-Wave Alliance Board, and how Z-Wave stacks up to other home automation initiatives like Apple HomeKit, Thread, AllSeen and OIC.

Apple Home Automation Initiative Underwhelming

By Robert Archer · June 3, 2014 • It doesn't take a home automation zealot to recognize the rumor mill lead up to Apple's eventual home automation announcement left a lot to be desired.

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