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High-Performance Audio

Inside DALI Factory: Hidden Audio Gem Driven by Technological Prowess, Efficiency

By Jason Knott · June 7, 2019 • Denmark-based DALI combines robotics and hand-made craftsmanship with its patented SMC technology and other innovations to engineer unique high-performance loudspeakers.

5 Tips to Design High-Performance Outdoor Audio Systems

By By Bill Kieltyka · May 15, 2018 • Using dual subwoofers, asking the right questions of the client about performance needs, and setting gain limits so as not to disturb the neighbors are among the tips to building great outdoor audio setups for clients.

How Sound Affects Your Home Theater Customers’ Emotions

By Richard Fairbrother · May 14, 2018 • By appealing to customers' emotions via certain soundtracks and biological reactions to music, integrators may be able to boost sales of home theater equipment.

Stacking Monitor Speakers to Create Line Array Soundstage

By Jason Knott · May 11, 2018 • Integrator Bill Bryan of Sound Video Automation stacks TruAudio Select Series monitor-style speakers to build dynamic listening area soundstage for home theater.

Ways to Boost Profits Selling High Performance Audio

By CE Pro Editors · April 25, 2018 • Profiles of three Custom Integrators who successfully transformed their business selling high performance, high end audio.

Paradigm Offers ‘Insane’ Audio Demo at CES 2018

By Jason Knott · January 16, 2018 • Paradigm showcases the power of its Persona speakers with Anthem STR Pre-amp and Power Amp for best audio demo at CES 2018 for integrators.

Is This the End of High-Performance Audio at CES?

By Jason Knott · January 12, 2018 • High-performance audio section of CES might have seen its last gasp in 2018 with paltry attendance at the Venetian.

Harman Reintroduces JBL L100 Classic Speaker

By Jason Knott · January 12, 2018 • Harman ‘re-debuts’ $4K/pair JBL L100 Classic speaker, using modern technology in its best-selling speaker design from 1970s. Plus, Revel speakers updated, $12K Mark Levinson 515 turntable unveiled.

Talk about Luxury Audio, Magico Prices M6 Floorstanding Loudspeaker at $172,000/Pair

By Robert Archer · June 26, 2017 • The high-performance audio company Magico has introduced its new M6 floorstanding loudspeaker, which is a multi-driver, three-way product that stands just short of 5-feet tall and delivers a frequency response of 22Hz to 50kHz.

Now This Is How to Hold a Successful High-Performance Audio Demo Event!

By Jason Knott · March 10, 2017 • Definitive Electronics in Jupiter, Fla., introduces Brodmann Acoustics speaker line to affluent clients in posh, classy luncheon event.

Control4 Purchases Triad Speakers for $9.6M

By Jason Knott · February 28, 2017 • Control4 acquires high-performance audio brand Triad Speakers for $9.6 million in cash. Control4 integrators will immediately have access to purchase the speaker line via the dealer portal.

Mark Levinson Reinstitutes Dealer Academy; Gets Rave Reviews

By Jason Knott · November 21, 2016 • After a 15-year hiatus, Harman Luxury Audio Group restarts its Mark Levinson Dealer Academy training with focus on technical quality, demo techniques and business model advice. Attendees leave excited to sell high-performance audio again.

Hands On Review: Origin Acoustics’ Composer THTR68 Steps Into High-Performance Audio Market

By Robert Archer · March 23, 2016 • Highlighting the growing Origin Acoustics line of products is the THTR68 30-inch Composer Series loudspeaker.

Magico S1 Speaker Offers Luxury Sound for Low Price

By Robert Archer · July 19, 2013 • Magico's S1 freestanding loudspeaker, priced lower than the company's other products, is a compact, two-way product that employs the company's own drivers and crossover designs.

Boulder Amplifier is a Stereo Heavyweight Performance Champ

By Robert Archer · March 11, 2013 • The newly announced 3060 stereo amplifier from Boulder weighs nearly 450 pounds it it delivers 900 watts of power.

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