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GreenWave Reality

Verizon’s LTE SmartHub Goes All-Cellular for Internet and Home Automation, Unike FiOS Quantum

By Julie Jacobson · May 25, 2017 • It's complicated: New SmartHub from Verizon Wireless is an LTE cellular router with Z-Wave home automation capabilities – completely different from the FiOS Quantum gateway powered by Greenwave. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

IoT Loose Ends:, Icontrol, Comcast, Vivint, Qolsys, FTC and the Smart-Home Landscape

By Julie Jacobson · December 27, 2016 • FTC scrutinizes acquisition of Icontrol by and Comcast; Vivint Smart Home cries foul; Who knew owned Zendo and a chunk of Qolsys?; and who are the IoT competitors these days? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Who Will be the Next Icontrol?

By Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2016 • If Icontrol is acquired by Comcast and, we'll see a gaping hole in SHaaS (smart home as a service) providers for integrated home automation and professionally monitored security. Here are some likely contenders as the 'next Icontrol'. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Verizon Quietly Moves Home Automation Customers to Nexia; Deploys Quantum Z-Wave Router

By Julie Jacobson · July 9, 2015 • Having dropped its Home Monitoring & Control service last year, Verizon moves former users to Nexia Home Intelligence DIY home automation platform; seeds IoT market with Greenwave-powered Quantum Z-Wave and ZigBee router.

Home Automation Veteran Nate Williams Leaves Greenwave for August Door Locks

By Julie Jacobson · March 4, 2015 • Longtime developer of IoT platforms, Nate Williams leaves Greenwave Systems for August, maker of Bluetooth door locks. What up with that Greenwave-enabled home automation system for Verizon?

GreenWave Reality Shifts Biz from IoT Devices to Home Automation Services

By Julie Jacobson · May 8, 2014 • Now called GreenWave Systems, the company formerly known as GreenWave Reality is done with 6LoWPAN Internet of Things (IoT) bulbs and switches, focusing instead on software and cloud-based services for IoT deployment.

Verizon Working on Home Automation Again

By Rachel Cericola · March 20, 2014 • The company is said to be prepping the FiOS Quantum Gateway and a Zigbee module

11 Z-Wave Home Automation Co’s at CES 2014 (Part 1)

By Julie Jacobson · December 26, 2013 • Check out the first recessed Z-Wave door sensor, the Piper video camera with a home automation hub built in from Black Sumac, the Kwikset Kevo door lock (not Z-Wave) of dubious value, a forthcoming Z-Wave smart bulb and more.

13 Smart LED Bulbs: The Future of Lighting Control?

By Julie Jacobson · March 15, 2013 • Are smart bulbs and sockets the best approach for lighting control? We have pros and cons plus 13 products implementing WiFi/Internet of Things, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth.

The GreenWave Reality IPv6 Connected Lighting Solution Employs 6LoWPAN

By CE Pro Editors · January 11, 2013 • Each IP-enabled light bulb includes a wireless antenna that allows for high-quality, reliable communication between the bulbs via a wireless network.

Former X10 President Gerald Rooks Joins Greenwave Reality

By Julie Jacobson · February 29, 2012 • Rooks leaves X10 USA after 17 years to join energy management and home automation developer Greenwave Reality.