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Garage Door

Nortek Patent: The Idiot Savant of Smart Garage Door Openers

By Julie Jacobson · March 21, 2018 • IoT garage-door controller provides all the safety measures required of UL 985 for ‘unattended operation’ but it’s stupid simple for DIY installs.

The Smart Home: What NOT to Automate

By Jay Basen · March 9, 2018 • The first rule of smart home? Do no harm. Think hard before using home automation as a security system or for automating things like fireplaces and windows.

Beware: Potential Legal Liabilities for Integrating Garage Doors with Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · June 16, 2015 • UL 325-2010 requires garage door controllers provide audible and visual cues for unattended operation. CE Pro asked Ken Kirschenbaum, an attorney that specializes in alarm and low-voltage systems, to address the important safety issues and legal liabilities regarding these home automation features.

Linear Battery Backup Accessory (BBU)

By Robert Archer · July 27, 2012 • Linear's BBU device is an easy-to-use accessory that installers can use to provide battery backup to their garage door openers in the event of a power failure.

Honeywell 5877 wireless relay module

By Robert Archer · June 26, 2012 • With the release of the 5877 wireless relay module, homeowners can now use their existing security system keyfobs to open their garage doors.