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Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Rebrands as Fiber Broadband Association (FBA)

By Jason Knott · May 8, 2017 • Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council rebrands as Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) to push commercial focus. 13.7M homes currently connect to fiber.

Beware the Latest HDMI Claims Surrounding Rev 2.1

By Jeff Boccaccio · April 25, 2017 • Do all sheep lie? That is the question as integrators are once again installing lower quality 4K/60 products incapable of handling 18Gbps, after the announcement of HDMI 2.1.

Prepare for HDMI 2.1: Metra Home Theater Answers Dealer Questions

By Robert Archer · March 3, 2017 • Metra Home Theater and Cleerline Technology answered dealers questions about HDMI 2.1 on a recent CE Pro webinar. Here's a little post-webinar Q&A with Metra's Brent McCall.

Top 5 Home Tech Trends and Opportunities for 2017: From Voice Control to VR

By Julie Jacobson · February 15, 2017 • CE Pro presents the Top 5 trends for home-technology integrators to watch for 2017: voice control for home automation, virtual reality and augmented reality, device discovery and data collection, new models in tech deployment, and fiber in the home.

Decoding HDMI Bandwidth: What’s the Deal? Is It 10Gbps, 18Gbps or 30Gbps?

By Jeff Boccaccio · December 15, 2016 • What happens when an HDMI cable boasts 18Gbps but can't fight its way out of 10.2Gbps? Let's sort through the question of HDMI speed once and for all.

HDMI Corner: Will a Fiber Future Unfold for HDMI?

By Jeff Boccaccio · November 25, 2016 • Nine times out of 10, fiber’s performance will surpass copper by a huge margin. Jeff Boccaccio spells out some bacis factors when it comes to running fiber.

CE Pro Names Top 5 Home Technology Trends & Opportunities for 2017

By Julie Jacobson · November 22, 2016 • Virtual and augmented reality, IoT device discovery and data collection, voice control and other emerging smart-home UIs, millennials and new business models, and a return to prewiring are key home-technology trends for 2017. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

DPL Labs Certified Aurora Fiber HDMI Cable Delivers 18Gbps Up to 30 Meters

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2016 • With true, uncompressed Ultra HD 4K content now available, Tributaries Cable's new Aurora line of products deliver 18Gbps connectivity.

CEDIA Tease: Future Ready Solutions Recruits Connectivity ‘Dream Team’

By Jason Knott · August 26, 2016 • Future Ready Solutions brings together a Dream Team of connectivity experts from Cleerline Technology Group, Kordz, Celerity, Transparent Audio and others to assist technologists with wire, cable and fiber solutions.

Micro Armor: The Unbreakable, Uncrushable, Invincible Miracle Fiber-Optic Cable from TiniFiber

By Julie Jacobson · April 23, 2016 • Distributed exclusively through PowerHouse Alliance, new TiniFiber is wrapped in Kevlar and itty bitty stainless steel coils that shield fiber-optic cabling from breakage. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

HDMI Corner: Can Fiber Really Go the Distance?

By Jeff Boccaccio · March 16, 2016 • As the interface demands more bandwidth, integrators need to invest in robust and reliable transmission lines. Fiber-optic cable, an active cable product, is one of the many options for long-distance applications.

7 Myths about Fiber & Why Category/Twisted Pair Wiring Should Be Phased Out

By Robert D'Addario · January 25, 2016 • Guest Blog: Fiber is not difficult to terminate, it is not fragile and it is not expensive. Integrators should start phasing out their use of Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) or Category cable. But misconceptions about fiber continue to persist, holding back its widespread adoption.

Apartment Dwellers Will Pay 15% Higher Rent for Fast Home Networks

By Jason Knott · July 16, 2013 • Study shows that apartment tenants rate fast broadband and television speed/quality as the sixth most-important amenity, and are less likely to move if they have a fast home network.

Pakedge Gigabit Switch Includes Fiber & Ethernet Connectivity

By Robert Archer · February 13, 2013 • The Foster City, Calif.-based company's new S26e 24-port gigabit switch is designed for quick and easy installations for home and small office jobs.

Celerity Delivers Fiber Optic Cables with Detachable HDMI Connectors

By Petro Shimonishi · September 7, 2012 • Cable comes pre-terminated in lengths of 40 to 1,000 feet

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