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Top 5 Home Tech Trends for 2018: From Smart Home Services to ‘Chief Security Officers’

By Julie Jacobson · February 5, 2018 • Every year, CE Pro selects five home-technology trends and opportunities for pros who install audio, video, security and home automation systems. Voice control, virtual reality, 4K, smart home as a service (SHaaS), mass sensorization, high-resolution audio (HRA), IoT awareness …. . .

Integrator Tries Enjoy.com, the Quasi On-Demand Service for Sonos Installation

By Julie Jacobson · April 27, 2016 • How can Enjoy.com be free? Integrator Mat Lindstedt of Silicon Valley Installation Co. ordered a Sonos system to find out.

When Will Home Technology Installs be Uberized?

By Julie Jacobson · April 27, 2016 • There's Uber for drivers, KallDoc for physicians and Iggbo for phlebotomists. When will home automation and consumer electronics get their play in the on-demand economy? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)