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Energy Monitoring

Sonnen ecoLinx to Anchor New Illinois Sustainable Community

By Jason Knott · May 23, 2019 • Battery storage company sonnen's ecoLinx will be the centerpiece of 'Wildwood of Marengo' passive home community. $700K homes represent sonnen's third sonnenCommunity in U.S.

Intuitive Interface Is Key to Lighting, Energy Storage/Management Systems

By Jason Knott · May 15, 2019 • As energy battery storage systems and IP-controllable lighting gain momentum, Savant advises integrators to use interfaces that allow their clients to take full advantage.

HTSA Aims to Reduce ‘Techno-centric’ Sales Pitches via Training Program

By Jason Knott · April 19, 2019 • Despite 23% growth rate in 2018, HTSA buying group to focus on sales relationship training for 2019, along with lighting, energy and wellness.

Leviton’s New Wi-Fi Load Center: ‘No One Else’ Integrates Breakers, Lighting, Energy, Automation

By Julie Jacobson · March 25, 2019 • Leviton's new IoT Load Center is a circuit box with snap-in breakers (no rewiring necessary) and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring, diagnostics and control via Leviton smart-home app.

Sonnen ecoLinx Melds Solar Power, Battery Storage with Smart Home

By Jason Knott · September 5, 2018 • Sonnen debuts its ecoLinx energy management system at CEDIA Expo 2018, calling the category 'previously ignored and industry disrupting.'

CEDIA Find: Airthinx is First Pure-Play IAQ System to Target Smart-Home Channel

By Julie Jacobson · August 8, 2018 • Measuring nine environmental conditions, IoT-enabled Airthinx integrates with home automation to optimize indoor air quality (IAQ) for wellness, productivity and energy savings.

Earth Networks to Spin Off Whisker Labs as Independent Company

By CE Pro Editors · August 17, 2017 • Whisker Labs’ sensing and software analytics platform taps the electrical network to connect all appliances in a home, delivering real-time power usage data to consumers.

Why Smart Home Energy Data Is Key to Hooking Consumers

By Amena Ali · June 23, 2017 • Unlocking the full potential of the smart home will come down to providing consumers with meaningful home intelligence insights like energy management data.

Whisker Labs Sensor Widens IoT Energy Management Possibilities

By Jason Knott · April 14, 2017 • Whisker Labs's low-voltage sensor identifies electrical signatures, enabling integrators to earn RMR from energy management of every device in a smart home.

CEDIA Q&A: RoseWater Energy Group Presents Energy Management HUB

By CE Pro Editors · August 24, 2016 • The Energy Management HUB has been reengineered with an updated configuration to include more kilowatt hours and an Extra Battery Pack (EBP), a supplemental battery for HUB owners looking for additional power.

Verizon Rolls Out Home Monitoring and Control Solution

By CE Pro Editors · October 14, 2011 • For $9.99 a month, the company's home automation product allows users to monitor their home from virtually anywhere with Internet access.

Hurricane Irene Gives Compelling Case for Energy Monitoring

By Julie Jacobson · August 30, 2011 • When the power goes out and the generator kicks in, you need to monitor and manage your electrical loads very closely, homeowner says.

Tiny Z-Wave Adapter Makes Any Light Switch Smart

By Julie Jacobson · January 11, 2011 • Aeon demos Micro Smart Energy Switch that Z-Wave-enables legacy light switches for control and energy feedback.

ADA’s Uber Audio Personalization, Plus Energy Mgmt Surprise

By Julie Jacobson · September 22, 2010 • Between its new Suite-32 multiroom A/V system and Tinnov-endowed TEQ, ADA offers a wealth of personalization options for whole-house audio; special treat: energy dashboard from Module Depot.

Extron First U.S. Company to Receive UL Energy Efficiency Certification

By CE Pro Editors · June 16, 2010 • Extron Electronics is the first U.S. manufacturer to receive EEC - Energy Efficiency Certification from UL Environment, Inc. As an acknowledged global leader in environmental qualification and certification, UL Environment acts as an independent third party to test and. . .

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