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Eagle Sentry

$9M Smart-Home Integrator Sells Biz to Employee and Top Client: Big Growth Planned

By Julie Jacobson · November 30, 2018 • Greg Simmons and partner have sold their Las Vegas security and home-automation firm Eagle Sentry to long-time sales manager Cory Reif and top client Mark Lindsey, who already built "the greatest showroom on earth."

NHL Star Kris Letang Replicates Showroom in Home 2,500 Miles Away

By Jason Knott · December 5, 2014 • Eagle Sentry replicated its showroom for Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang 2,500 miles away in Canada.

How to Sell Smart Homes to the Middle Market

By Jason Knott · November 14, 2014 • Why integrators should work closely with middle market homeowners to help them choose their smart home technology.

Top 9 Smart Home Devices for Middle-Income Buyers

By Jason Knott · November 10, 2014 • Parks Associates reveals most appealing smart home devices, including motion sensors, security cameras and panic buttons.

3 Reasons to Use Security to Capture Middle-Income Smart Home Buyers

By Jason Knott · November 7, 2014 • Recurring revenue and home automation awareness are among the reasons why you should consider selling smart home security products to middle-income clients.

Capturing Middle-Income Buyers: The New Sweet Spot for Smart Home Sales

By Jason Knott · November 5, 2014 • The middle-income market niche is expected to grow 27% per year and there is a growing awareness of home automation among this group.

Why Integrators Should Keep Security Monitoring Fees

By Jason Knott · November 1, 2010 • Instead of selling alarm accounts, Eagle Sentry now keeps them, boosting recurring revenue per account from $8 to $30/month.

Eagle Sentry Finds Business in Foreclosed Homes

By Julie Jacobson · December 7, 2009 • Las Vegas-based integrator works with Realtors and builders to finish homes that may be prewired or partially equipped with home technology.