Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension Designed for Higher End Installs

By Robert Archer · June 2, 2015 • Providing dealers with a good, better, best selection of products, Elite Screens' Saker Tab-Tension with new AcousticPro UHD screen is a 1.0-gain product with a fine weave that is moire-free. It is compatible with UltraHD/4K content, as well as 1080p HD content.

#TBT: Tricking Out Rob Dyrdek’s MTV Fantasy Factory

By Jason Knott · May 28, 2015 • For Throwback Thursday, go inside the theater and conference room on Rob Dyrdek’s MTV show “Fantasy Factory."

Elite Prime Vision PowerMax Sonic Screen Fits Many Needs, Including 4K

By Robert Archer · May 5, 2015 • Elite Screens' custom install division, Elite Prime Vision, has introduced its latest product, the PowerMax Sonic motorized screen.

Transforming a Billiards Room into 12-Seat Home Theater

By Grant Clauser · March 3, 2015 • Sound Investments turned a non-enclosed billiards room into a home theater while maintaining its open layout, which included a fireplace, bar and sitting area.

Spectrum Tab-Tension Series from Elite Screens is Reasonably Priced

By Robert Archer · February 16, 2015 • Engineered to provide dealers with a cost-effective, motorized screen solution, the Tab-Tension Series from Elite Screens features a 1.1-gain gain matte white screen.

Elite Prime Vision DarkStar 9 Diversifies Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Options

By Robert Archer · December 12, 2014 • The California screen manufacturer has announced its new DarkStar 9 screen material.

Elite Screens’ Saker Available in Tensioned & Fiberglass-Backed Version

By Robert Archer · October 27, 2014 • Stepping up to meet customer demand, Elite Screen is now offering its Saker screen product in a choice of either tensioned or fiberglass-backed versions.

Elite Prime Vision Launches Edge Free Projection Screen

By Robert Archer · August 4, 2014 • Elite Prime Vision's eFinity edgeless projection screen incorporates a detachable LED backlighting system, and the company's PolarStar ALR screen material which is an ambient light rejecting solution that allows the screen to be installed into a variety of home spaces.

Starling Retractable Screen from Elite Priced for Mass Consumption

By Robert Archer · April 21, 2014 • The reasonably priced Starling projection screen from Elite Screens provides custom electronic and retail electronics businesses with a cost-competitive screen solution available in a choice of sizes.

Q&A: Jeff Klida, Elite Prime Vision Director of Sales

By CE Pro Editors · November 13, 2013 • Jeff Klida, director of sales for Elite Prime Vision, says Elite Screens developed its new product division to exclusively serve custom installers.

Elite Prime Vision PolarStar Screen Supports 3D, Ultra HD 4K

By Robert Archer · September 18, 2013 • Elite Prime Vision's PolarStar light-rejecting projection screen supports active or passive 3D video and 720p, 1080p, 4K, WXGA and XGA video formats. It features a 1.8 gain and a 120-degree viewing angle to allow dealers to use it for a variety of residential and commercial installations.

Elite’s DarkStar Projection Screen Works in Dim, Bright Rooms

By Robert Archer · July 26, 2013 • Elite Screen's new Prime Vision DarkStar projection screen is engineered to reject ambient light and maintain picture quality through its use of retro-reflective filters and neutral black contrast layers.

AirFlex5D LLC from Elite Screens Enables Projector Stacking

By Robert Archer · May 14, 2013 • The AirFlex5D-60 Series of products provide a choice of 2D/3D multi-projector stacking processor solutions that align multiple projector images into a single bright picture.

Elite Screens/AirFlex Simplify Passive, Dual Projector 3D Theaters

By Robert Archer · December 18, 2012 • Elite Screens says the Airflex5D-5S stacking system aligns the images of multiple projectors to form a single, passive home theater system.

Hands On: Elite Screens’ Kestrel Tension Motorized Screen

By Arlen Schweiger · February 24, 2012 • Between the motorization aspect and widening of the screen, this product highlights how much more immersive a home theater can be with a 2.35:1 screen.

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